Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Top 5 Psychological Benefits of Playing Solitaire Online

Hello my beautifuls, hope 2021 is treating you well. I understand, there is still time for things to get normalized. And still, most of us are quite stressed out. Recently, I was trying to find out ways to destress my mind, while at home, and here are some interesting facts that I have found out while doing my research.

Online Video Game: a Stress-Buster?

Research conducted in 2020, by University of Saskatchewan professor, Regan Mandryk shows that online video games can be a good stress-buster. So, in moments of self-isolation and otherwise, some games can help to improve our mental health. 

I have been an anti-gaming advocate for long. But, this study by Mandryk has made me very curious and I delved a bit deeper to find out an appropriate game that will not only help deal with stress but also improve our mental skills. And that game is Solitaire. 

Top 5 Psychological Benefits of Playing Solitaire Online

Let us find out how playing Solitaire can improve our Psychological health. 

1 Relaxes the mind: As often it is observed by hardcore Solitaire fans, it can help one put into a meditative state. If we are going through a stressful situation at work, or for some personal reason, a game of Solitaire can shift our focus effectively. It can help reduce the possibility of anxious thoughts rising in our minds. Solitaire.org is such a website that has different types of Solitaire games that can prove to help relax our minds.

I am quite fond of the Pyramid Solitaire Video game there which, I feel can relax the mind of the player.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Top 5 Autumnwear Ideas for 2021

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Autumn is a time of falling leaves, a time of windy days, and a time for some cozy comfort. Autumn is the time when the weather transitions from hotter to colder days. Our wardrobe also requires some warm and covered clothing, after spending much time with the summerly outfits. Let us see what kind of women's fashion clothing we can add to our wardrobe, this Autumn.

Top 5 Autumnwear Ideas for 2021

  1. Long Button-down shirt: A button-down shirt, slightly longer, looks perfect for a casual day out during Autumn. You can pair that with your skinny jeans or even a skirt, depending upon your comfort level. Fabrics like the flannel look better. You can choose from chequered, solids or small prints.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Controlling Your Curls with Anveya Curls Hair Care Combo

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Is there anything that I had changed about my physical features ever? Well, the only thing that I remember was, I went for rebonding or straightening my hair multiple times. I have naturally curly hair that becomes very dry, unmanageable, and uncontrollable sometimes. I used to watch glossy advertisements of shampoos, with women having luscious straight hair, and sighed every time. Therefore I tried to get my dream Rapunzel mane by going for chemical treatments. And it worsened the situation by making my hair very brittle, leading to extreme hair fall. Then I realized that there is absolutely no point in investing thousands in something that gives you your desired look just for a few months and then damages it further. Rather I started to find out curly haircare ranges that would be able to take charge over uncontrollable curls. Anveya is one such brand that has an array of hair care products formulated to tame Indian Curly hair.

Why it is better to Keep your Curls?

1. It looks beautiful naturally

2. Straightening hair can damage your hair 

3. Maintaining chemically treated hair is expensive

4. Chemical procedures can cause hair loss, brittle and thinning of hair

5. There are ways to manage curls and make them look gorgeous

Anveya for My Curly Hair Rescue:

Anveya was formed in 2018, with an aim to curate skincare and haircare products with natural goodness for Indian consumers. This premium beauty brand formulates its beauty and personal care products with deep nature technology. Over these 3 years, Anveya has come up with over 35 products for both skin and hair care.

Their recent offering is the Curls Hair Care Combo that helps to transform frizzy and unmanageable curls to gorgeous and luscious crowning glory. 

Controlling Your Curls with Anveya Curls Hair Care Combo:

Anveya Curls Haircare Combo consists of 4 products that take complete care of your curls and make them look beautiful.

Anveya Curl Shampoo: 

The Anveya Curl Shampoo is made with some very exotic natural ingredients that help to make hair look amazing. 

The botanical ingredient that are present in this curly hair shampoo is Wheat Amino Acids that promote elasticity of hair, further improving the texture and strengthen hair. Soy amino acids revive damaged hair by conditioning and imparting shine to dull hair. Arginine complex repairs hair damage by reducing breakage. The presence of coconut oil in this Curly Shampoo enhances its moisturizing properties while soothing the scalp and leaving hair frizz-free and softer.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Top 5 Classic Looks that Never Go Out of Trend

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Hey my beautifuls, I had been meaning to write about certain looks that can be donned anytime anywhere and that will never go out of trend. I have always believed in keeping it simple, when it comes to makeup. Makeup to me, is to enhance our features, not to hide or transform, what we are completely. People may have different opinion but that is what I believe and I stand for it. So, here I have enlisted 5 such Classic looks that will never go out of style and always look fabulous on anyone, provided you select the correct shades.

Top 5 Classic Looks that Never Go Out of Trend

So, here are top 5 makeup trends that will remain evergreen forever:

1. Red Lips Dewy Skin:

This look has been in vogue for ages. Who doesn't like rouge pout with fabulous gorgeous skin! The trick is pretty simple. You need to pick a red that compliments you the most. It can be a coral red or pinkish red. Personally reds with pinkish-bluish undertones complement my skin tone the most. You can choose accordingly. For the dewy face, it is advised to use either a radiant moisturizer or an illuminating primer before applying makeup. I always use BB cream for the dewy finish. Use a concealer only on required areas.

The Colorbar Illuminating Spotlight Lotion will be a perfect primer.

2. Cat Eyes Look: 

A classic Cat eyes look will never be considered old. There can be variations of the classic one, but the basic remains the same forever. It looks sultry and amazing on anyone at any age. The things required for the look are a really pigmented black eyeliner, dark shade of grey or black for shading and a very nice blending brush. Often shades of browns are also used to add some novelty.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

3 Layers Sun Protection from Sandiva

Hey beautifuls, how are you all enjoying the rains? Often we skip our sunscreens during monsoons. But do you know it is very essential even though it is not sunny outside? So, today I will be talking about something that I had come across very new, few days back. Sandiva is a brand that makes its products from original sandalwood. They have a 3 layers suncare range that is ideal for those looking for a subtle coverage everyday look.

About Sandiva:

Sandiva is a skincare brand that has brought back the ancient Indian tradition of sandalwood for skincare needs. Sandalwood has natural protection power against sun damage, environmental hazards on skin and other factors too.

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