Sunday, January 14, 2018

January 2018 Glamego Unboxing and Review

Hey loves, what’s up? How are you all doing. One change the beauty industry has really seen in the last few years is the increasing production of subscription boxes and there’s a lot of new boxes launching every moment or the other. With the tough competition, many boxes are finding hard to keep up the pace and are losing it. The prices are unbelievable. In such a situation, I’m here to talk about one of the most affordable subscription box in the market- Glamego. So, let’s see whether it is fit to give a tough competition in the market.

Price: 299/- per month

Claims: We are India’s top online beauty subscription service. We at GlamEgo, believe in power of sampling that lets you experience and single-out a product of your choice before you spend on pricey products that you are clueless about.

Through our GlamEgo box, we offer our subscribers an unparalleled way of experiencing and exploring a wide range of beauty products from both established luxury brands as well as flourishing niche brands.

Our beauty enthusiasts and in-house experts assemble a unique set of fascinating hand-picked products every month. As a subscriber, you will receive a monthly door-step delivery, of our GlamEgo box that is sure to dazzle and delight you. The box will contain a pre-selected set of full-sized and deluxe size beauty products along with ‘How to’ tutorials. All of it for a mere 299/- per month.

The box comes sealed in a cardboard box with the logo and the other papers.

The theme of this month is #SayNoToResolutions and so there are little phrases all over the box. It has mix of shades which makes the box look cool. On opening the box we get a card and some products. Let’s take a look at what we got:

Friday, January 12, 2018

My Mom Loves Glamisha Skincare

Hey everyone, what’s up? Happy New Year people. How are you all doing? Today, I’m going to talk about two long pending products- Glamisha Face Wash and Glamisha Face Lift Cream. I have got them late last year and I gave it to my mom. So, it’s not mine it’s my mum’s opinion. Without further ado let’s get into it.

Price: Facewash (350/-) and Face Lift Cream (970/-)

The packaging is quite cute. All the products have similar kind of packaging only the colors vary. The Facewash comes in a slightly yellow toned box and the cream in a pink one.

The product comes in a huge tube which is really good quality. It comes with a black flip top cap. The facewash is a blue colored gel which reminds me of a shampoo. The cream is a white liquid with medium consistency. Both the products smell quite luxurious.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Nina Ricci Nina Eau De Toilette for Women

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Hello beautifuls, hope you guys are enjoying the cold weather. For me, be it summer or winter, the necessity of a good fragrance is round the year. One of my all time favourite fragrance is Nina Ricci Nina Eau De Toilette for Women and today I will be sharing my thought about it.

About Nina Ricci Nina Eau De Toilette for Women:
Nina Ricci Nina is a sensual perfume combining French luxury, charm, sensuality, and tenderness.

Price: £ 24.09 only at

Packaging: Nina Ricci Nina Eau De Toilette for Women comes in a pinkish red apple-shaped glass bottle. It has a silver cap.

My experience: Nina Ricci Nina Eau De Toilette for Women is designed as a modern day fantasy, as a fairy tale for the grown ups. The opening notes revolve around a zesty lemony note while the heart is more inclined towards a blend of fruity aroma of green apple and a bit of floral hint of peony. The base is more of a musky accord mixed with fruity notes. The overall feel is that of a sweet, lightweight apple. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ditch Red & Try other Breathtaking Colours in Lehenga

So you have finally decided to get hitched in 2018 and everything is already planned and all ready to get executed. From wedding venue to food menu and from d├ęcor to your make-up artist, everything is already booked. And now you are just waiting impatiently for your price charming to come on a white horse and take you along.
Quite romantic, right!?
There is no point of compromising on anything on your big day. From your wedding lehenga to jewellery everything should be so perfect that it brings out the best in you and make you look like a star wide. Lehenga for wedding is the biggest deal for any bride-to-be and I’m quite sure you have already taken enough inspirations and of course too many screenshots of all the lovely bridal lehengas wore by your favourite celebrities. 
What's your favourite colour for lehenga??? Please don’t tell me that you are going to wear those regular red and pink colour lehengas and having a regular wedding!
When everything is so special then why not your bridal lehenga!? Let me tell you this, but by choosing regular red or pink you are missing a lot on the fashion front. The fashion world is growing and coming up with new elite colours. Each of these shades is extremely captivating, breathtaking and divine.
Try being the most different and stylish bride of your time. You can also go for online shopping and choose different shades as per your preference. So, what you need to do is- pick the best among these lovely hues and get dressed to slay the befalling wedding season.

Blue – Royal Proliferate

Blue is always known for the significance of royal blood and style. It is rich in colour and gives a regal look which every bride wants to have. This royal lehenga will surely blow your minds with its blazing allure and enthralling capacity. 
Try choosing a dark berry blue coloured lehenga with the heavy embroidery work on it along with elaborate detailing. You can also match some vintage jewellery pieces for an iconic royal bridal look.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Extreme Dryness: Causes & Prevention with Palmer's India this Winter

Hey all, so at last the beginning of January is proving to be extremely cold and dry. How are you tackling this extreme condition? Extreme dryness is something, that is not common during the cold season. There are a lot of causes of dryness on skin, specifically legs, face and lips. Let us see what are these causes.

Causes of Extreme Skin Dryness:
1. Extreme weather conditions: When the air around you is dry, it will automatically make your skin dry too.

2. Hot showers: It is very tempting to take hot showers during winter, but if the water is too hot your skin will get stripped off its natural oils and will become dry.

3. Harsh Soaps: Using harsh soaps can be quite damaging for the skin and can often case dryness or dry patches.

4. Skin related diseases: Extreme dryness can be caused by skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis.

5. Not Moisturizing: Often we dont take care of our skin properly. This leads to extreme dryness. We have to moisturize our skin with a good product.

So, as these are the causes of excessively dry skin, we need to take proper care and prevention to control the extreme situation. We need to hydrate our body inside out. We have to check that which are the areas that are getting maximum dryness and we can target the area with good moisturization techniques. It can be any of your body parts like face, hand, legs, tummy or lips.

Palmer's India has come up with incredible products that are designed to take control of extreme dryness during the harsh winters. Let's check how these products are going to help.

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