Friday, July 13, 2018

5 Surprising Facts About Vintage Wedding Traditions

Weddings have always been events steeped in tradition. While we borrow many of our current traditions from vintage norms, there are some wedding trends that have surprising origins.

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The Garter Toss

In the modern era, the tossing of the garter is a fun and flirtatious event that takes place at the wedding reception. In the past, however, newly married couples were required to show “proof” that they consummated their marriage. Family and friends of the groom would take the garter off of the bride to show everyone that the deed had indeed been done. Eventually, this led to the groom throwing the garter to these “witnesses, ” thus ending the more barbaric method of them removing it themselves.

The Wedding Veil

Veils today are a beautiful and stylish vintage wedding accessory. Historically, the wedding veil was mostly symbolic. The veil was a way to symbolize the purity and untouched nature of a virgin bride. Similarly, superstitious religions believed that a veil being worn over a bride’s face shielded her from evil spirits that could be hanging around on the wedding day.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Care for Your Hair After Removing Hair Extension

You’ve rocked a lengthy period together with your gorgeous extensions, and today it's time to take it off. Regardless of whether you want to steer clear of these hair extensions for time or you need to adore new extensions, you should practice couple of things in advance. These pointers will make sure that your natural hair remains healthier and powerful enough to resist any new styling or weave whenever you want.

Pre-treatment methods are Essential than After Care
While the majority of the extensions do not let regular cleansing from the natural hair, still many of them do allow an every week hair cleaning and treatment. You have to practice weekly cleaning on your span of extensions. Using sulfate free shampoos is an efficient method to remove oils, creams, glues, and waxes. Any time you cleanse hair, be more conscious of the main area. You may also use hair serum and scalp soothing ointments to avoid breakage or damaging of the hair.

Detangling with Fingers
Detangling hair using the fingers is gentler than detangling utilizing a comb. Even most abundant in meticulous care, you'll experience slight shedding of the hair very first time your comb.For the reason that your hairs were hidden for days coupled with remained inside your mind this way. After you have detangled hair using the fingers, after that you can make use of a wide-tooth comb.

Best Way to Select Solitaire Engagement Rings

Gold diamond engagement rings were extremely popular but you can now discover that gemstone diamond engagement rings have become extremely popular. Generally people prefer presenting gemstone diamond engagement ring for their lady love because gemstone diamond engagement rings are thought to be indication of love, belief, commitment, care, promise and belief. One more reason of their recognition is you can find number of designs, styles, settings and shape in gemstone diamond engagement ring.

You are able to choose the ring based on the preference and lifestyle of the partner. But if you don't know her preference then it's healthy for you to choose solitaire gemstone diamond engagement ring.moissanite solitaire engagement rings areextremely popular and usually the majority of the women enjoy having solitaire ring on such a special event. Solitaire rings are perfect for engagement because the ring symbolize unbreakable bond of marriage. Solitaire setting is extremely versatile and therefore it appears good with the shapes of gemstone, carat and color. And remember that if you choose unusual shape for the ring then it'll make your ring look more fantastic. Which is the only real setting which looks good with large diamonds and smaller sized diamonds also. Solitaire settings are fantastic investment prices one other good reason of purchasing solitaire ring is that might be these rings are fantastic investment prices. You may already know that there's just one gemstone rings also it alone supports the focus of attention meaning the gemstone has good cut, color and clearness. Not to mention bigger carat also. And as you can tell that just top quality of diamonds are positioned in solitaire ring it implies that they hold their value well. And you may also employ they for our children and grandchildren.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Millets for Kids - A path to healthy upbringing!

As a mother of a 2.8 year old, I have my struggles of making my daughter get the right kind of
nutrition. If she ate the regular diet that is provided to her, I would be more
relaxed but she is a fussy eater and her plate is never fully finished. I am sure there are a lot of
mothers like me who are worried about their child’s nutrition. Recently, I started researching about
wholesome nutrition for kids and found out that Millets for kids is one of the best options.

What are Millets?

Millets have been a popular cereal across Asia and Africa. In India, we have seen the use of millets in
the form of rotis and porridges. However, this has mostly remained centred around rural areas and
urban places has hardly explored the goodness and benefits of millets. But with new researches and
studies, it is now finding its place in our regular diet.

Types of Millets:

Proso Millet

Proso millets are rich in protein and amino acids. Proteins are the main source of physical development in kids and can help in development of muscles, cartilage and skin.


Sorghum has multiple benefits and studies have revealed that its inclusion can be a
solution to curb obesity in kids.

Kodo Millet 

Kodo millet is rich in Vitamin B. With good content of Vitamin B3, B6 and B9, it can
strengthen the nervous system in kids.

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