Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kylie Kyshadow The Bronze Palette Review, Swatches and FOTD

Hey beautifuls, how are you guys doing? Those of you who are familiar with my Youtube channel might have seen my huge makeup haul I did a couple of months back. One of the products I showed was Kylie Kyshadow The Bronze Palette. Today I will be talking about that palette.

About Kylie Kyshadow The Bronze Palette:
The #KylieCosmetics Kyshadow pressed powder eye shadow palette is your secret weapon to create the perfect Kylie eye. Each Kyshadow Kit comes with 9 pressed powder eye shadows that can be used together to recreate Kylie’s favorite looks or customize your own.

Price: Rs. 3490 Available here

WSDear Giveaway winner

Hey guys, thanks for your participation to WSRetail giveaway. The brand has chosen a winner and she is:

Kimberly Harrison 


Please contact for your prize.

Those of you who have participated but did not win, I have a Youtube giveaway going on. You can win Oriflame products worth Rs.3k+
Join here:

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Organistick Organic Nude Lipsticks Review, Swatches, Price:Cheapest Nude Lipsticks in India?

Hey beautifuls, I have been doing my usual research through e-commerce sites in search of good makeup, and guess what I found!! Probably the cheapest nude lipsticks in India, that is made in India too. I am talking about Organistick lipsticks. They have a huge collection of affordable lipsticks, and a majority of which are awesomely attractive nudes. So, knowing that nude lipsticks are so in nowadays, I thought of getting some for myself and sharing the same with you guys.

About Organistick Lipsticks:
Think organic and thick Organistick. If you are into cruelty-free products(we all are right?) then Organistick is for you. An all natural product, comprising of shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, castor oil & carnuba wax, their lipsticks are filled in with natural goodness.

Price: Rs. 149 Currently available on 10% 
Rs. 596 for set of 4 Currently available on 10% discount
Buy here 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Mama Earth Baby Care Review, Availability and Price

The most challenging task for every mother is to safeguard her baby, and it is a duty we, moms have to fulfill every second. The sole responsibility of a mother is her baby's safety and well-being. So, what the baby eats, wears or uses has to be verified and tested before. The baby's personal care products has to be given equal importance while selecting. The skin is the baby's largest organ and we cannot ignore it. 90% of babies have sensitive skin that cannot bear similar ingredients like adults, so harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances are a strict no no. For mamas like us, who are constantly worried about the well being of the baby, here comes Mama Earth. Today I will be talking about this very newly launched baby care range.

About Mama Earth:
In an intoxicated world, where every single thing comes with a little bit of toxins, Mama Earth stands apart. The brain child of Ghazal and Varun, Mama Earth aims to give a mom and her baby a world free of toxins. Mama Earth's extensive research is attempted in solving every issue that a mother and baby face.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Hey guys, what’s up? So, did you guys see how much stuff we shop every month from Bornpretty store and how much we love them. Here I am with another one of those superb cool hauls. So, without further ado let’s just get into it.

About BornPrettyStore Makeup and Beauty: Looking for adorable makeup stuffs and other cute items at an affordable price? Worried about the quality? Well, BornPrettyStore is the answer to all these queries. They have such good quality products and at a reasonable price. The best part is the shipping; they provide free shipping throughout the world. Free shipping nowadays? Sounds like a dream right? The dream of free shipping has come true with BornPrettyStore. The price range varies from 0.01$ to 20$ and more. It is very easy to find out your choice of makeup with a lot of filtering options on the basis of popularity, price, type of arrivals, hot or new, categories etc. It makes your shopping experience easy and smooth.

My Haul:

1. Fan Brush : I wanted to get my hands on a good fan brush for highlighting and sometimes I also use it to apply blush. The one I had worked not so good so I decided to try something from Bornpretty store. This one is so good and also the colored top makes it look so cool. It retails for only 1.90$ and does an amazing job.

Indi wallet