Thursday, April 27, 2017


Hey everyone what’s up? So, today I’m going to review one of my favorite and my ride-or-die product-a lip gloss. You know, before I stepped into this world of blogging I knew nothing about makeup and all I used to get ready was a lip-gloss. My love for lip-gloss has emerged since I was a kid and it has still not faded. I still use lip-gloss on an everyday basis. The one I’m going to review is the GIVENCHY GELEE D’INTERDIT LIP GLOSS. So, without further ado let’s get into it

What Givenchy Claims: Get ready for a whole new way to gloss. Completely wax-free, Gelée d'Interdit's non-sticky texture literally melts onto the lips for an instant, cushiony feeling of softness with a long-term plumping effect. Hyaluronic acid microspheres instantly plump and erase imperfections while a revitalizing plant extract makes lips visibly smoother.

Price: 39.00$ (discount at Notino)

Packaging: The gloss comes in a transparent container with a still cap and a label stuck on it. The shade number and name everything is mentioned on it.

I quite like the applicator. It’s a thin lip-brush applicator which makes it easier to work with. The gloss is a deep rose pink kind of shade with purple glitters on it. It’s not like chunks of glitters, it’s not even visible but the shine is there. You’re getting me, right? It has a very sweet fragrance which I like.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Cheapest Makeup Accessories of Best Quality from Born Pretty Store

Hello beautifuls! Hope you had a nice weekend. Do you all agree that you may get good quality makeup at affordable rates, but getting good quality makeup accessories at an affordable price is very difficult? Well I thought so, until I discovered some amazing makeup tools and accessories on BornPrettyStore .

About BornPrettyStore:
BornPrettyStore is your one stop destination to shop casuals, formals, partywear, jewelleries, accessories and makeup in attractive discounted rates. I have shopped from the Jewelleries section, and they have a wide variety of jewellery pieces varying from nose studs, earrings, rings, bracelets & necklace sets. The price can vary from 99 cents to $45. It is very easy to find out your choice of jewellery with a lot of filtering options on the basis of popularity, price, type of jewellery etc. It makes your shopping experience easy and smooth. The processing is also pretty fast and best is the option of free shipping throughout the world. Now who ships free nowadays?

My Makeup Accessory Haul from BornPrettyStore:

Flat Contour Brush: This contour brush has the perfect shape for giving you the best sculpted look. Priced only at $4.6, this brush has very soft hair and blend the contour quite nicely.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Indian Way of Making Things Work:#MoreThanIndianThanYouThink


Our soul honors your soul.

We honor the place in you where

the entire universe resides.

We honor the light, love, truth,

beauty and peace within you,

because it is also within us.

In sharing these things we are united, we are the same

we are the one.

Oh, how truly these lines depict our Indian ethnicity, our way of living life. No matter in which part of the globe we are, we will win over others heart for eternity. Our culture has won appreciation throughout the world. Since, we have relatives overseas, we often have foreign guests visiting us and they are always head over heels with our culture. I remember this guy Erick who is a Swiss photographer quoting to us “How easy for us to come here sit and eat and you guys work throughout the day preparing the meals, cleaning, etc. We really are a trouble to you.” And in reply to that we said “It’s nothing to be troubled of, we love you all and there’s a saying that prevails here ‘Atithi Devo Bhaba’ meaning guests are god and god is not a trouble.” He answered “This is what I love so much about India-the people and the food of course; they are extremely sweet and caring. It’s immaculate.” Well this was definitely a moment of pleasure for me because well I’m an Indian and I can brag about being an Indian everlastingly. I also saw a couple of interviews of famous Hollywood celebrities where they were asked what’s that one country they wish to visit, and they said India because of her culture and people. It’s true; there have been moments where we were mortified by others as well. Recently, there was a anecdote where a CEO of a very popular site stated that their app is not for poorer countries like India. Considering the fact that the Ceo of Google is Indian, the app could be kicked out of playstore for insulting our motherland and there were even memes about the same. But, Mr Sundar Pichai-the honorable CEO of GOOGLE did not do this because our Indian values tell us to be kind and forgiving and secondly why further populace should endure the trouncing of one man’s saying? Therefore, the app is still there. These are a few illustrations where being an Indian and the Indian way of thinking helped us overcome certain circumstances. Not only this, we have a great sense of adjustment as well. We can easily adapt ourselves to anywhere anytime. Now, let me tell you a story where being an Indian and the Indian way of thinking actually gave me victory.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lifting And Restorative Care Capsules On The Face And Eyes Review

Hey pretties, are you all a strong believer of using serums, specially when you are in your 30s? Well, I am as I feel serums are the best when it comes to target treatments like pigmentation, tightening, smoothing etc. The reason is serums are generally more concentrated than any other creams or lotions. Today I will be talking about the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lifting And Restorative Care Capsules On The Face And Eyes which I have been using for some time.

About Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lifting And Restorative Care Capsules On The Face And Eyes:
Experience a triple-powered capsule of youth that focuses on enhancing skins' barrier repair function, increasing moisturization within the surface of the skin and minimize the appearance of aging signs.
Price: $25.59 only at Notino

Packaging: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lifting And Restorative Care Capsules On The Face And Eyes comes in a white case that has dual compartments, one with the Face serum capsules and another with the eye serum ones.

Indi wallet