Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mink to Get the Best Laundry Service

Your bridal lehenga needs a much needed wash, your husband's Sherwani has been hanging for years now, and desperate for some wash? And you dont know how to clean those? Well, do not worry, as Mink is here to help you out of your worries.

About Mink:
MINK is a pre-eminent laundry service, focused on providing superior quality & personalised care to your garments. Technology being the core, MINK promises to deliver an excellent customer experience.

How Does Mink work?
Mink is very easy to access and you can either call/whatsapp/sms on 808080-2442 or book from their website here, stating your preferred date and time for a pick up. After a confirmation a Mink Pilot will be assigned to your doorstep for the pick up. The drop takes place within 24-48 hours of pick up. Their services include premium cleaning of clothes, shoes, bags, furnishings and more. There is option for cash on delivery as well.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Coccoon Instalift Wrinkle Filler Review

A few days back, we had a wonderful opportunity to interact with famous Bollywood director Farah Khan, on the launch of a new product with a new concept, Coccoon Instalift Wrinkle Filler. After initial meet & greet, Farah Khan, who is the Face of Coccoon, led us through the advantages and usage of Coccoon. It was a very nice session and we got to know a lot from the talented director.

About Coccoon Instalift Wrinkle Filler:
Instantly conceal the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with this non-greasy wonder. Enriched with Vitamin A, this paraben-free gel will make your skin look firmer, younger and smoother.

Price: Rs.999 for 20g Available at Best Deal Tv

Talvar: The Ignored Sword of Justice

The movie Talvar revolves around a sensitive issue of a murder involving a teenager. The movie has been shown from the conflict that arose amongst the investigating teams. The entire movie has been presented in a very intrigued manner. The locations used are so realistic that you feel like it is actually your own neighbourhood.

The characters depicted in Talvar have been portrayed in such a believable way, that often you seem to forget that you are actually watching a movie. The cast has been selected quite wisely and director Meghna Gulzar has not left any stone unturned in detailing of the characters, no matter how insignificant it is in the entire movie.

Youtube Video: Top 12 Current Favourites

Hi, as we are at the beginning of a new month, I thought of doing a current favourites list. and here is it.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

L'Oreal Paris Gel Intenza Super Liner in Royal Blue Review

Hey beautifuls, how many of you have tried gel eye liners? I have and as I am not an eye makeup expert, I love the formula of gel liners as they are very easy to use, Today I will be reviewing L'Oreal
Paris Gel Intenza Super Liner in Royal Blue.

About L'Oreal Paris Gel Intenza Super Liner in Royal Blue:
Superliner Gel Intenza is incredibly versatile to use.
It provides all the ease of a pencil eye liner with the durability of liquid.
It is easy to apply, and unlike liquid, it can blend beautifully into the eye shadow to create high eye definition.
So whether you want to pull off a 1960s defined flick, or the classically chic smokey effect, Superliner Gel Intenza will achieve it with ease. There are 5 shades of the liner.

Price: Rs.875 Available here at 20% discount

Rishi Ratna Remedies Herbal Home Spa Peel Off Masks Review

Hi all, as you know the biggest Festival of Bengalis , Durga Puja is almost here, and as a true Bengali, I look forward to this time of the year with much expectation. And these days I have been pampering my skin to give it a natural glow. So, today I will be talking about Rishi Ratna Remedies Herbal Homa Spa Peel Off Masks.

About Rishi Ratna Remedies Herbal Home Spa Peel Off Masks:
Peel Off Masks from Rishi Ratna Remedies come in different variants catering to different needs of skin. The 10 different varieties are Sandal Turmeric Natural Glow, Rose, Bridal pearl, Stay Away oilcontrol , Orange, Neem-Tulsi Green Gold, Lavender , Wrink Anti Wrinkle, Black Vanilla Deep Cleansing & STRAWBERRY.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pampers Premium Care Pants: The Softest for your Baby's Skin

I am not a mom yet, but I have friends who are moms and have babies who need to be taken care of. One of the most important thing for a baby is the need of a a diaper. And the diaper should be soft and do its job perfectly, for the tender baby skin. So, today I will be talking about the newly launched Pampers Premium Care Pants.

About Pampers Premium Care Pants:
Pampers baby ultra soft and dry diapers is crafted from soft materials to provide all around softness and comfort. Stretchy 360 degree waistband and leg cuffs. Up to 12 hours of dryness, ultra dry core quickly absorbs and locks away liquids. Baby lotion helps protect your baby's delicate skin. The micro pores help air circulation, allowing skin to breath. Turns blue to show when your baby wets his diaper.

Price: Rs.375 Available here 

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