Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Top 5 Lipsticks for Fall for All Skin Tones

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Hello my beautifuls, how are you all doing? Are you preparing yourself for the upcoming colder months? We will start noticing winter's onset just after the festive season. After the glitzy glamourous makeup looks that we are donning for the festive season, we will be looking out for more warmer and composed shades in our makeup. Although there are no rules, when it comes to makeup, but there are a few shades that bring warmth to our senses, like berries and mauves. So today I have picked up a few lipsticks that are suitable for Fall and can be flaunted by anyone, with confidence.

Psychological Impact of Colours during winter:

Winters represent breeze, snow, ice, and coldness. It is symbolical with gloominess and melancholy. Therefore shades that bring a feeling of warmth and depth are the ones that can bring contrast and uplift our mood. Earthy tones of brick, olive, browns, or deep shades of burgundy, plum, berries can do wonders to bring that cheerful change. 

Top 5 Lipsticks for Fall for All Skin Tones:

1. Colorbar Sinful Matte Lipcolor in Wild Night: This shade is an earthy muted tone of nude plum. It looks impeccable on the lips. The shade will look good on anyone. Colorbar Sinful Mattes have a long-staying power and excellent colour payoff.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Top 5 Products from Quinta Essentia Organic to Revive Dull Skin

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 With the festivities around the corner, one thing that bothers us most is if our skin is looking glowing enough to light up with the festivities! I know during this time, a lot of us suffer from tanning, blemishes, and pigmentation. And it calls for a good skincare routine to revive our dull skin. Recently I have come across a luxurious skincare brand called Quinta Essentia Organic.

About Quinta Essentia Organic:

A clinically tested cruelty-free brand, Quinta Essentia Organic believes in offering an earth-friendly sensorial experience with its luxurious products. Their novel approach to skincare, not only involves the feel-good experience of the body, but also the mind.

Ranging from premium skincare to luxury haircare, Quinta Essentia Organic has products that are formulated to provide the best results with a wonderful experience. 

The 4philosophies that they adhere to are:

I Skinimalism: Less is more and products are designed to give multiple benefits at a time.

II Sustainability: Environment-friendly products that are free of parabens, SLS.

III Microbiome friendly: Our skin has the power to self-heal and the products are formulated to enhance the process.

IV Cruelty-free: Made with certified organic ingredients and are not tested on animals. 

Top 5 Products from Quinta Essentia Organic to Revive Dull Skin

I have picked the Top 5 Skincare Products from them to revive dull skin, this festive season. 

1 Prana Blue Light Veil Serum: One of the main reasons for the dullness of skin is its exposure to blue light radiation. The Prana Blue Light Veil Serum has actives that help to shield photo-oxidation from continuous digital exposure. Photo-oxidation is a major cause of skin aging.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Top 5 Reasons to Binge-Watch Mukhosh on Hoichoi Tv

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If asked, who loves to watch thriller movies, I will be the first person to raise my hand. And if it is a "Who Done It" movie, then two hands will be raised. The latest offering on Hoichoi Tv, the no. 1 Bangla OTT platform, is the Thriller movie, Mukhosh, directed by Birsa Dasgupta. 

About Mukhosh:
Mukhosh is a typical "Who done it" serial killer movie, with a pacy storyline and some interesting characters. A team of cops is formed under the able leadership of Kaberi, to solve a series of mysterious cop killings. A completely inexperienced criminologist, Kingshuk also becomes part of the investigating team. It is slowly revealed that the criminal mind behind the killings is a genius, with knowledge about everything you can think about. The challenges and obstacles that the investigating faces, the brilliant steps that were taken by the killer, and the fast pace of the film make it an ideal thriller to binge-watch.

Top 5 Reasons to Binge-Watch Mukhosh on Hoichoi Tv:

Double Anirban & other casts: Those of us who are into Bangla web series, know very well, 2 of the finest performers of the web series world these days are Anirban Bhattacharya and Anirban Chakrabarti. We have earlier seen their magic together in the web series, REKA, but this is the first time we get the opportunity to watch them together in a movie. And they don't disappoint us either. Anirban Bhattacharya, as criminologist Kingshuk is, as usual amazing, while interestingly, Anirban Chakrabarti, as Senior Inspector Adrish does a very impressive job, driving completely away from his usual genre of comedy. 
The other actors, including Chandreyee Ghosh as Head of Police, Kaberi, Tota Roychowdhuri as celebrated Criminologist, Dr. Paul, Kaushik Sen as artist Kalyan and Payel De as Kinshuk's wife Rai were a delight to watch.

The Run Time: Thriller is best served when it is done at a good pace. Mukhosh has a running time of 114 minutes, which does not make it a prolonged complicated tale of cops and killers.  That was made possible for the fast pace that the movie is made. There is no moment of wasting here, no unnecessary songs, or romance. Even the flashbacks were included and edited very well, without interrupting the ongoing narration.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Top 5 Psychological Benefits of Playing Solitaire Online

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Hello my beautifuls, hope 2021 is treating you well. I understand, there is still time for things to get normalized. And still, most of us are quite stressed out. Recently, I was trying to find out ways to destress my mind, while at home, and here are some interesting facts that I have found out while doing my research.

Online Video Game: a Stress-Buster?

Research conducted in 2020, by University of Saskatchewan professor, Regan Mandryk shows that online video games can be a good stress-buster. So, in moments of self-isolation and otherwise, some games can help to improve our mental health. 

I have been an anti-gaming advocate for long. But, this study by Mandryk has made me very curious and I delved a bit deeper to find out an appropriate game that will not only help deal with stress but also improve our mental skills. And that game is Solitaire. 

Top 5 Psychological Benefits of Playing Solitaire Online

Let us find out how playing Solitaire can improve our Psychological health. 

1 Relaxes the mind: As often it is observed by hardcore Solitaire fans, it can help one put into a meditative state. If we are going through a stressful situation at work, or for some personal reason, a game of Solitaire can shift our focus effectively. It can help reduce the possibility of anxious thoughts rising in our minds. is such a website that has different types of Solitaire games that can prove to help relax our minds.

I am quite fond of the Pyramid Solitaire Video game there which, I feel can relax the mind of the player.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Top 5 Autumnwear Ideas for 2021

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Autumn is a time of falling leaves, a time of windy days, and a time for some cozy comfort. Autumn is the time when the weather transitions from hotter to colder days. Our wardrobe also requires some warm and covered clothing, after spending much time with the summerly outfits. Let us see what kind of women's fashion clothing we can add to our wardrobe, this Autumn.

Top 5 Autumnwear Ideas for 2021

  1. Long Button-down shirt: A button-down shirt, slightly longer, looks perfect for a casual day out during Autumn. You can pair that with your skinny jeans or even a skirt, depending upon your comfort level. Fabrics like the flannel look better. You can choose from chequered, solids or small prints.

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