Thursday, August 9, 2018

*New Launch* Garnier Skin Naturals Sheet Mask Review, Availability & Offer

Hey guys, what’s up? How are you all doing? Garnier recently launched their own range of sheet masks and team Beauty & Beyond went ahead and purchased all three of them to review for you guys. So, without further ado let’s get into it.

About the masks: As of now the masks come in three variants: Garnier Skin Naturals Sakura white serum mask, Light complete serum mask and Hydra Bomb serum mask. Each mask claims to contain serum equivalent to one week’s use. The light complete serum mask reduces dark spots and dullness, the Sakura white serum mask intensely rehydrates, restores pinkish glow and smoothens skin and the Hydra Bomb Serum Mask intensely rehydrates, replumps skin and replenishes moisture. They contain Hyaluronic Acid which is great for the skin. All of them are suitable for sensitive skin.

Price: 99/- for each . (Currently, Nykaa Beauty is running an offer where you buy two masks and get one for free.)

Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes for Monsoons

Rain rain go away 
Come again another day
Little Johny wants to play
Rain rain go away

Remember this nursery rhyme? Well, now I wish if rain would listen to us and let our little ones play! But that will never happen and so we need to be careful as monsoons are long and we definitely cannot make our little ones stay indoors all the time. They will play, they will enjoy their jumping and hopping on muddy puddles and of course get the mud all over. It is not possible to give them a bath every time they step out. But I have something that will definitely make it easier and safer to clean your little ones whenever they step out and that is the Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes.

About Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes

Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes are specially formulated to protect baby's delicate skin with 98% water content and cotton fabric. It cleanses without causing any rashes or other irritation on baby's tender skin. It is hypoallergenic and is suitable to use on newborns too.

Monsoons and Baby/Toddler

Monsoon is the time when our kids need maximum care, in regards to cleanliness. The roads are muddy and the waterlogged. This water can be really dirty and even dangerous, bringing a lot of germs and illness to the little ones. However, they have to go out too for school, to play, to attend dance classes etc. But can we give them a bath every time they go out. It is definitely not a great idea. But with Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes things are so much easier as it is almost like pure water. So everytime they come home with their dirty and muddy hands and legs a single wipe is enough to clean the dirt out giving a cleaner and clearer skin. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Top 10 Life Lessons from Friendship

Our life is a journey where each moment teaches us something. Be it through a nice experience, success or something really bad and even failures- we learn lessons through every experience. Friendship is an important aspect in our lives that too leaves an everlasting impact. True friendship makes us learn many things that are helpful for us.

Top 10 Life Lessons from Friendship

1. Its always Quality: Not everyone we come across our lives can be our friends. A friend has to be a special somebody who immediately connects with us. So just naming a person as a friend is really not a wise idea. We should prioritize and give importance to those who are there by our side, no matter what. Its better to be stuck to one good friend who cares rather than surrounded by a crowd who is least bothered.

2. The Instant Connect: Out of so many faces we may meet, we instantly connect with only a few. That immediate connection may garner into a beautiful friendship.

3. No pretensions: In friendship there is no scope for pretension. Our true friends will accept us the way we are, with all our flaws and queerness.

4. Honesty: Those who are our true friends speak the truth and only the truth. They are brutally honest when it comes to us and our actions.

5. Trust and Faith: We can blindly trust in our true friends. They are the ones who will keep our secrets to themselves, and be there for you.

6. Emotional Support: Not all days are the same, we have our lows in life when we go through tremendous emotional turmoils and it is the friend who comes to our rescue that time.

Monday, July 30, 2018

My 5 Step Monsoon Skincare Routine

Hey guys, what’s up? How are you dealing with the rains? It’s hard to take care of our skin during this rough weather but it’s equally important as well. So, today I’ll be sharing with you my 5 step easy skincare routine for the monsoons. If you know me then you know I’m super lazy when it comes to skincare and hence if I can follow this routine daily, you can too. So, without no further ado let’s get into it.

My 5 step Skincare Routine.

· Cleansing: 

First step towards a healthy skin is cleansing. During this season, my skin turns into a grease ball. So, I need an oil clearing Facewash which doesn’t dry my skin out. I’m using a Facewash that clears out my oil without making my skin dry.

· Toning:

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