Monday, October 26, 2020

Poison 2: ZEE5 Web Series Review, a Tale of Mystery and Revenge

 The thriller genre has always been my favourite and I always look out for some good content on various OTT platforms. ZEE5 is a perfect platform for people like us who has a knack for thrillers. Recently I binged watched the dark thriller #Poison2 on ZEE5.

Image Source: ZEE5

Poison 2: What it is About?

Poison 2 is the much awaited second season of its previous counterpart, Poison, another offering from ZEE5 Originals. However the only connection to both the series is perhaps the suspense and revenge backdrop. Poison 2 is about a business family of Sara, her husband Harshvardhan and brother Oscar who are eying to own the race course by any means. A very suave and mysterious business rival Aditya enters their lives, offering some unusual proposals and turning their lives upside down both with his charm and smartness. What happens next is an engaging tale of lies, deceit, mystery and certainly revenge.

Why you should binge watch Poison 2 on ZEE5:

1. The story: The story of Poison 2 is twisted and dark, the sole ingredients required to make a thriller web series worth watching. It has a very gripping storyline that keeps you buckled up the whole time.

2. The Cast: The cast of Poison 2 on ZEE5 Premium is really good and all the characters are portrayed perfectly by the actors. It is really refreshing to watch Aftab Shivdasani in the very mysterious character of Aditya Singh Rathore. Raai Laxmi as Sara is a visual treat with her impeccable style and gorgeous outfits. Zain Iman as Harsh and Vin Rana as Oscar do a nice job in playing their parts. Rahul Dev gives a commendable performance as Sikander in a cameo appearance.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Top 5 Tips to Choose the right Shapewear

I have always believed in body positivity and have been a strong advocate of it. All of us should embrace our own curves and be flaunting it. However, sometimes to attain the right posture and to look at our best and to boost our confidence to the next level, we need something extra and here comes the use of shapewear. For women with curves and those with apple shaped bodies, the use of a good plus size shapewear can transform the look immediately. But we should also be aware of the right ways to pick the perfect Shapewear.

Top 5 Tips to Choose the right Shapewear:

1. Know your measurements: Generally we have a false notion that if we choose shapewear a size under, it will be better. But contrary to that belief, it actually accentuates the bulges and rolls in places. So it is always suggested that you know your body measurements and shop your shapewear accordingly.

2. Control level: Before you choose the right shapewear, you should determine the proper control level. There are generally 4 levels of control:

Smooth: Your aim is to look toned without the bulges. Here the comfort level is high.

Medium: The aim is to look a size slimmer and the comfort level is medium to high.

High: The aim is to look 2 size slimmer where the comfort level is medium.

Extreme: The aim here is to look 3 sizes slimmer and sculpted. The comfort level is low if worn for several hours.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Top 5 Benefits of Bodyshapers

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 I am a strong advocate of healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy and following a regular exercise pattern. However, I cannot deny the fact that we sometimes require certain things that help us to get into any sort of outfit of our liking, without looking unpleasant. Here comes the use of Bodyshapers. While many may disapprove of the idea of bodyshapers, here I have listed some benefits that the best body shaper may have

Top 5 Benefits of Bodyshapers:

1. Postpartum care: One of the toughest job of a new mom is to get back in shape. But how long can we keep on wearing those same ill-fitted maternity wears!! Here comes the use of Bodyshapers. We can get into our good old LBDs easily by wearing a really good, like the ones we get in Feelingirldress.

2. Improvement of Posture: It is proven that bodyshapers can improve your posture too. As they compress your body, you will automatically attain a better posture and look good in any kind of outfit. 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Top 5 Pink Lipsticks available in India

 Put on some lipstick and live a little

Hey my beautifuls, hope you and your lipsticks are doing fine. One makeup product that I cannot live without is my lipstick. I know a lot of you will agree with me on this too. Well, do you have any particular colour that just recharges you. While most women trust on their red lipsticks, my recharge secret is applying a fabulous pink lipstick. It make me feel so strong and being in charge.

Here are my pick of the top 5 Pink Lipsticks available in India.

Top 5 Pink Lipsticks available in India:

1. M.A.C. Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Pink Pigeon: One of the most popular pink lipsticks in the world this vibrant lipstick settles for a surprisingly pleasant shade on the lips. The pink looks soothing and springly rather than outrageously bright.

2. Sugar Cosmetics Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick in Pink Slip: A bold and vibrant pink shade that does not require any other makeup to do the talking. 

Pro-tip: Dab a bit on your cheeks to create that beautiful flushed cheeks look.

3. Maybelline New York Superstay Matte Ink in Inspirer: This is a pinky pink that looks very soothing and romantic.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Tamil Thriller Movie: Lockup Review and Top 5 Reasons to Watch it on ZEE5

Since the last couple of years, I have been very interested in watching Regional entertaining contents. Regional movies generally have very rich content with smooth and intriguing storytelling. Tamil movies have been delivering one after the other meaningful and entertaining content. The latest thriller movie that lasted an impact on me is ZEE5 's Lockup. Just like the other new Tamil thriller movies this one also has a gripping and convincing story line.


Image source: ZEE5

The Tamil Thriller movie Lockup on ZEE5 is a wonderfully crafted suspense Police drama. The film has every element to be an edgy thriller, with some dark comedic sequences time and again. This investigative thriller has its share of very flawed characters, with twists and a very realistic approach to investigative dramas. The main characters of Vasanth and Murthy are so appropriately presented as 2 cops with different sorts of ideologies and thinkings. No doubts Lockup is a highly ambitious film of director S G Charles which delivers and creates a lasting impact on the audience and always keeps the audience at the edge of their seat with #SuspenseAtEveryTurn

5 Reasons to watch Lockup on ZEE5

1. Interesting Plot: The story of Tamil movie Lockup revolves around the murder of an inspector and the beginning starts from just the day after inside a police station. Then after some initial investigation this case gets linked to an old very twisted case of another crime. The Police trying to solve these murders get into a corrupt game with few goons. This story line, no doubt sounds very interesting. Personally, being a crime and thriller genre lover, I thoroughly enjoyed the film due to its truly unconventional storytelling.

2. The Ensemble cast: The cast of the movie is another plus point. Each and every actor are seasoned and has just perfectly been cast in the very complicated characters. Their amazing performances could portray every intricate nuance of the different shades of the characters they are playing. Actors like Vaibhav, Venkat Prabhu, Easwari Rao and Vani Bhojan all have done a really fantastic job in making the movie more interesting with their performances.

3. All Characters with Grey Shades: The credibility of every character comes to a questionable point due to their back stories and intentions. What's the point of  a thriller without characters with grey shades? Lockup does an excellent job in presenting the characters in shades of grey where you start to doubt their actual intention.


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