Saturday, February 25, 2017

Soft Romantic Look with Ponds White Beauty BB+Cream

Hey beautifuls, hope you al are doing great in this last weekend on the month of love! Keeping the romantic vibes in mind I have created a soft romantic look. I hope you will agree with me that a flawless base is the essence of any good makeup look. And for a perfect poreless base I have used the Ponds White Beauty BB+Cream.

I have dry skin, so I started off with a moisturized skin. If you have oily/combination skin, I would suggest you skip the moisturizing part and directly apply the Ponds White Beauty BB+Cream as it has Vitamin B & E to nourish skin from within.

Then I applied the Ponds White Beauty BB+Cream on my entire face in dots and with the help of a beauty blender blended it for a smooth finish. I did not apply any concealer, instead again applied a small amount of  Ponds White Beauty BB+Cream in dots on the areas that needed som coverage like under the eyes and at the lower end of the cheeks, bridge of the nose and center of the forehead. Again I blended it with the Beauty Blender. This time the skin looked more radiant, bright and naturally glowing.

Thursday, February 23, 2017 to Save your Deals

Hello beautifuls, how have you all been? It had been a leisurely week for me. So I had been playing around with makeup a lot throughout this weekend. Nowadays, beauty and makeup products have become so expensive that we have to think twice before a purchase. But what, if I let you know of an online shop, where you can get all your deals at the best possible rates? I have found out one such online shopping website,

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Sonakshi Sinha's Filmfare Awards 2017 inspired Makeup Look/FOTD

Hey pretties, I was watching the Filmfare Awards this Saturday. Not that I was finding it to be very interesting, so I started locating for good outfits, makeup jewelry etc. So, the 3 things that attracted me were Sonam Kapoor's outfit, Raveena Tandon's Emerald droplet earrings and Sonakshi Sinha's glamorous makeup. I thought of recreating Sonakshi's look today.

Highlight of the look:
The deep berry lip colour, bronzed glowing skin, the hairdo.

I started off by applying the Herbs & More BB Cream with a beauty blender to get a nice glowing skin. I used the Shiseido Skin Corrector as a concealer under my eyes and other areas that needed coverage. Then again with the beauty blended I blended for an even and smooth finish. I took the Studiowest Radiance Blush in Bronze and used it as a contour on the hollows of my cheeks, jawline side and tip of the nose. Then I blended the shade for a soft glowing bronzed/contoured look. For my eye brows I took the HD Brows eye definer in Foxy and filled in. I kept the eyes very simple with a nude eyeshadow on my entire lids and topped up with a shimmery copper shadow. Then I blended it out so that shimmer mellows down.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Easy Chicken & Broccoli Baked Penne Pasta with Go Cheese

Hola beautifuls!! Yesterday, I was craving for pasta and since Go Cheese has totally pampered me with abundence of cheese, all I needed was some boneless chicken and broccoli. So today I will share my style of Baked Penne Pasta with Chicken & Broccoli.

Ingredients: (for 3-4 servings)
1. 500 g Penne Pasta
2. 250 g boneless chicken cut into small chunks
3. 1 broccoli cut in small florets
4. 1/4th cup green peas (optional)
5. Grated Go Cheese Pizza Cheese (the more the better)
6.Go Cheese Plain Spread 6 tablespoons
7. 2 tablespoons Olive Oil
8. 1 tea spoon butter (optional)
9. Black pepper
10. Spring Onion (1/2 cup)
11. Garlic (3-4 cloves
12. Tomato paste (2)
13. Oregano
14. Thyme
15. Salt

Oriflame Tenderly Promise EDT Review

Hey beautifuls, how are you all doing this weekend? I am trying to find some summer fragrances lately, and I have been trying the Oriflame Tenderly Promise EDT. Today I will talk about that.

About Oriflame Tenderly Promise EDT:
This elegant fragrance bursts open with a joyful sparkle, while Royal White Lily slowly unfurls at the heart, radiating her glorious creamy scent, before settling into a soft, reassuring caress.

Price: $20.29 only at

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