Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review:I Love Cosmetics Coconut & Cream Body Butter

I purchased the I love Coconut & Cream body butter. It comes in a plastic 200 ml jar.

 The colour of the bodybutter is white with a slight mauve tint. The texture is as soft as a smoothie. And the, tender and gourmet but not overpowering. Once applied, the fragrance remains throughout the day.

One thing I have noticed in scented body butters is that they are not as good on the skin as they smell. But with this one I have experienced something very different.

Once applied it makes the skin soft and nourished. The skin remains moisturised for a long time.

This is a definite buy for lovers of body butters.I just love it.

Chirer Polau(Flattened Rice Pulao)

Today I packed this for my husband's lunch. This is a very common breakfast/snack recipe in the Bengal province of India. However, I have not used the traditional way.


1/2 cup  flattened Rice
1 small carrot cut in small squares
1 small potato cut in small squares
8-10 pieces of unroasted peanuts
5-6 pieces of raisins
1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 teaspoon red chili powder
1/2 teasppon white oil
Salt to taste

Wash the flattened rice under running water and immediately soak out the water so that the flakes dont get over swollen.Boil the carrot and potato pieces with salt.

In a pan add the oil and fry the peanuts and raisins.Once they are fried add the flattened rice, chili powder,turmeric powder & salt.Mix the ingredients nicely so that the flakes get properly coated by the spices.Add the boiled potatoes and carrots.Mix them up slowly and take out of the stove.

P.S. In the traditional recipe Ghee is used instead of oil and fried potatoes and carrots are used. Here I have used very less oil.

Get Glowing

Bored of dull-looking skin? Ever wondered how celebrities sport the golden glow on their faces every time they hit the red carpet? They might have hit the beach on a three month long vacation and got that wonderful tan. Well not every time. Too much sun exposure, apart from giving the glow can make your skin prone to skin cancer. So how you will create the magic? Well here’s the trick…..bronzer.  Bronzers create a tanning glow to the skin, if ,applied properly.

How to Chose?

Bronzers can be available from reputed companies like L’Oreal, Revlon and M.A.C. Cosmetics. They come in different forms like powder, lotion and cream. Selecting the right shade and right form of bronzer is very important. We need to look into various factors like skin type, complexion, climate etc. People with Oily skin types should go for powdered bronzers while the ones with dry skin can opt for a lotion or cream. According to make up artist Bobbi Brown, we need to chose a shade, based on how we tan naturally. For example if you turn a medium golden brown in the sun, a medium bronzer is what you should select. We should not use a bronzer with too much shimmer as they accentuate the fine lines and creases.

How to Prep?

To apply bronzer, a proper base is very necessary. We should be sure that our skin is clean and moisturized. An unclean skin, layered with makeup can cause acne. Applying a foundation is optional….too much can make the skin look orange and fake. Instead one can go for tinted moisturizer.

 How to Apply?

To start off, chose a big wide brush to apply powder bronzers or your fingers for a lotion or cream. Take a small amount. You need to slowly blend the colour with circular strokes on the areas where sun naturally hits your face- forehead, cheeks, chin and bridge of your nose. Start from the center and go towards the hairline.

How to Finish the Look?

We should be careful with the overall makeup to make the bronzer work best. In the day, you can apply a nude or light pink gloss on the lips for a natural and healthy glow. While in the night you can wear a lip colour with coral or fuchsia tone for a more glamorous effect.  A kohl pencil and oodles of mascara on the eyes will make the look more dramatic.

The Bronze Brigade

 Eva Longoria                                           Jennifer Lopez                                          Hayden Panettiere

Holiday Makeup Tricks

Hurray!!!Holidays are approaching and so are approaching the days of celebration and late night parties. Apart from chosing the right dresses, we have to chose the right makeup for the occasion. Most of the time, due to longwear, makeup tries to wear off or melt.These are some few handy tricks to keep in mind for a perfect look.


Foundation often looks cakey on skin, specially if the skin has become dry. To get a dewy finish on your face blend some moisturizer to your foundation and apply to your face. This will not make it cakey and will give you a healthy and glowing complexion.


When we paint an earthenware, we have to use a white primer or base for the colour to set properly.Same goes with your eyeshadow application. Make a primer for your eyeshadow by applying matte white eyeshadow on your eyelids. Then apply the shadow of your choice on top. You will get the exact colour of the shadow.


Lipsticks often turn out to be a different colour when applied on lips than when viewed. This is due to lip's natural pigment. To show the exact colour of your lipstick you have to conceal the natural pigment of your lips.This can be done by applying a compact powder on the lips for a perfect base. Follow with the lipstick of your choice.


Winter hair can be very dry and dull.Nothing looks good on you if your hair is not radiant. To get a shiny hair without investing in expensive serums, apply a small amount of vinegar on towel-dried hair.You will get the much wanted radiance.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you have the Right Shades

Celebrity or not, designer sunglasses are a must in everyone’s wardrobe. Celebrity fashion is copied by most, however if not affordable people substitute with different or fake designer brands.  Recent fashion has seen the emergence of designer frames being fitted with power vision glasses, but sunglasses had played an important part in fashion for ages.

 Although finding affordable and suitable designer sunglasses is tough, some reputed brands have come out with pocket friendly and fashionable ones that may give a strong competition to the ones out of reputed fashion houses. Fashion magazines and internet are good sources of information about the most stylish and protective ones that can act as the best shield from dangerous UV rays and pollution.Selecting the right one may require a lot of research. Reasonable discounts on certain brands like Dior, Prada and Gucci are sometimes available online. That’s when we should hit the bull.

Sunglasses can be varied, most common being Polaroids that act as a shield from harmful sunlight. While, Aviators not only protect from very strong rays but also add the extra glamour. Sports personalities associated with golf, skiing and fishing wear glares that are custom-made with special lenses meant for the specific game. This unique feature makes them the most expensive ones too. Amongst these the most popular ones are Nike and Ray Ban.

 Every year new designers from fashion houses like Armani, Dior and Prada conceptualize novel designs in eyewear for both the sexes. To copy the designs of Gucci and Dior is a hard task as their frames come with the engraved holograms. Oversized sunglasses, a trademark fashion of the uber cools of sixties like Jacky Kennedy is again in vogue and showcased in a variety of colors from top designer houses.

To chose the proper sunglass frames, the shape of one's face should be determined first.

   Face Shape   Who                                        Should Wear          Should Avoid                 

1.Square         Strong jawline/Square chin       Oval/Round               Square/geometric
                                                                      Demi Moore

2.Oval            Balanced/slightly narrow chin           Square/geometric      Too large frames
                                                                     Beyonce Knowles

3.Oblong        Narrow/Longer than the width          Tall frames                Too small frames
                                                                Sarah Jessica Parker

4.Round         Full cheeks/round chin                       Angular/geometric    Too small frames
                                                                    Cameron Diaz

4.Diamond     Narrow eyeline/jawline                      Cat Eyes                    Narrow frames

5.Heart          Broad forehead/small chin              Bottom heavy frames    Top heavy styles
                                                                  Jennifer Aniston

6.Triangle     Narrow forehead/wide chin              Semi-rimless frames     Narrow frames
                                                                   Renee Zellweger

Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Pepper Salmon in Yellow sauce

Supper tonight is salmon. I like my recipes to be simple and quick.So I prefer the uses of various sauces in my recipes.

So, here it goes...


400 gms salmon
1 large onion sliced
1tablespoon ginger-garlic paste
1 teaspoon limejuice
8-10 crushed peppercorns
2 tablespoons American Sauce
2 tablespoons Special sauce
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 tablespoon white oil
Salt to taste

Cut the Salmon into 4 pieces. Rub them with crushed peppercorns,1/2 tablespoon ginger-garlic paste and limejuice and keep for 30 minutes. In a non-stick pan put 1/2 tablespoon oil and fry the fish pieces for 3-4 minutes,turning them till they are light brown in colour. Put them aside.

Put the remaining 1/2 tablespoon oil and fry the onion and the rest of ginger-garlic paste till it is dark brown. Make a mixture of the special sauce,American sauce, vinegar and 1tablespoon water and add in the pan. Add salt. Put the fried fish pieces in the pan and cover it with a lid. Take away from the stove after 1 minute till the sauce and the oil is seperated. Serve hot.

Song of the River Dyle

Dijle or Dyle is the river that flows through Leuven.Almost 90 kms long, its actually a tributary of river Rupel and starts from the Houtain-le-Val.Other important cities near the bank of Dyle are Ottignies, Mechelen and Wavre.

Zeeman Haul

Last to last week I went to Zeeman, the best place for budget shopping. I picked up few stuffs and I bet they were real bargain. All these products together costed me less than 10 Euros.

What I got:

1.A Fuchsia wollen cap

2. A white sequinned wollen stole

3. 1Looking Good Lippencil set of 5
4. 1Looking Good Eyepencil set of 5

5. A Chained necklace with Assorted Pendants

6. A Charm Bracelet

What a Lovey Dovey day

After a couple of cloudy and extremely gloomy days, today is sunshine everywhere in Leuven with a temperature of 11degrees C. Tired of being locked inside the house for the entire weekend I decided to take a stroll nearby. The first noticeable amongst everything are the colourful Autumn leaves.

Another place worthy of mention is the church inside our residency

And the beautiful clear sky

I came across a bush with some red it a berry?Dont know

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Egg in Oyster Sauce

Here's what I made for today's lunch.

2 eggs
1 yellow Bell Pepper cut in small square pieces
1 medium sized onion cut in small square pieces
1 small tomato cut in small pieces
2-3 green chillies slit
1/2 inch ginger chopped
2 cloves garlic chopped
1tablespoon white oil
1 tablespoon Soya Sauce
1 tablespoon Oyster Sauce
1 pinch black pepper powder
Salt to taste

Boil the eggs and keep them aside. In a pan, fry the onion and Bell pepper. When they start turning brownish add the chopped garlic and ginger. After frying for a minute or so add the tomato and chillies.When the tomato starts  to get tender add the soya sauce,oyster sauce,black pepper powder and salt.Add the boiled eggs. Add 2 tablespoons of water and let the bell pepper to get soften up. Now this step is not that necessary if the bell pepper doesnot take time to get cooked.I have noticed Yellow bell peppers here tend to take a little more time.Cover with a lid for a minute and take out of the stove.
Serve with steamed rice.

TGIF:over a cuppa coffee and more

This Friday...yeah after my dreadful grocery shopping we returned home with something new at least for us...Kipspiesjes or Chicken Pieces.

 So we thought of snacking with that for the evening. With a tablespoon full of oil on the frying pan I fried 3 sticks for almost 7-8 minutes.

Then served with salad leaves and a mixture of tomato ketchup and chilli sauce.

Oh yeah and not to forget the smoking mug of Cappuccino.

Friday, November 25, 2011

My lime green nailpolish

So here is the first post which shows one of my recent beauty buys...a beautiful lime green nailpolish.Its the 2B Cosmetics mega colours nailpolish in Cosmic NV.

Its a 5.5ml bottle with a lime green cap and costs 3.25 euro. The texture is very thin and runny.When I was applying some drops fell on my dress.It requires a few coats for the colour to show.I had to apply around 3 coats.However,the end result was good.But if you are looking for something which is very pigmented then you wont like it.Probably you have to apply a few more coats to achieve the colour of your choice.I wanted a pale green so I got it.

If I will repurchase?
Well I kind of liked yeah it would be a good gift option since Christmas is knocking on the door.

Indi wallet