Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you have the Right Shades

Celebrity or not, designer sunglasses are a must in everyone’s wardrobe. Celebrity fashion is copied by most, however if not affordable people substitute with different or fake designer brands.  Recent fashion has seen the emergence of designer frames being fitted with power vision glasses, but sunglasses had played an important part in fashion for ages.

 Although finding affordable and suitable designer sunglasses is tough, some reputed brands have come out with pocket friendly and fashionable ones that may give a strong competition to the ones out of reputed fashion houses. Fashion magazines and internet are good sources of information about the most stylish and protective ones that can act as the best shield from dangerous UV rays and pollution.Selecting the right one may require a lot of research. Reasonable discounts on certain brands like Dior, Prada and Gucci are sometimes available online. That’s when we should hit the bull.

Sunglasses can be varied, most common being Polaroids that act as a shield from harmful sunlight. While, Aviators not only protect from very strong rays but also add the extra glamour. Sports personalities associated with golf, skiing and fishing wear glares that are custom-made with special lenses meant for the specific game. This unique feature makes them the most expensive ones too. Amongst these the most popular ones are Nike and Ray Ban.

 Every year new designers from fashion houses like Armani, Dior and Prada conceptualize novel designs in eyewear for both the sexes. To copy the designs of Gucci and Dior is a hard task as their frames come with the engraved holograms. Oversized sunglasses, a trademark fashion of the uber cools of sixties like Jacky Kennedy is again in vogue and showcased in a variety of colors from top designer houses.

To chose the proper sunglass frames, the shape of one's face should be determined first.

   Face Shape   Who                                        Should Wear          Should Avoid                 

1.Square         Strong jawline/Square chin       Oval/Round               Square/geometric
                                                                      Demi Moore

2.Oval            Balanced/slightly narrow chin           Square/geometric      Too large frames
                                                                     Beyonce Knowles

3.Oblong        Narrow/Longer than the width          Tall frames                Too small frames
                                                                Sarah Jessica Parker

4.Round         Full cheeks/round chin                       Angular/geometric    Too small frames
                                                                    Cameron Diaz

4.Diamond     Narrow eyeline/jawline                      Cat Eyes                    Narrow frames

5.Heart          Broad forehead/small chin              Bottom heavy frames    Top heavy styles
                                                                  Jennifer Aniston

6.Triangle     Narrow forehead/wide chin              Semi-rimless frames     Narrow frames
                                                                   Renee Zellweger


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  3. I always wonder whether I am wearing the right sunglasses for my face shape but then I can never figure out whether my face is oval or round :P!



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  5. cool! i have a square jaw so luckily i have the round frames and wayfarers


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