Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get Glowing

Bored of dull-looking skin? Ever wondered how celebrities sport the golden glow on their faces every time they hit the red carpet? They might have hit the beach on a three month long vacation and got that wonderful tan. Well not every time. Too much sun exposure, apart from giving the glow can make your skin prone to skin cancer. So how you will create the magic? Well here’s the trick…..bronzer.  Bronzers create a tanning glow to the skin, if ,applied properly.

How to Chose?

Bronzers can be available from reputed companies like L’Oreal, Revlon and M.A.C. Cosmetics. They come in different forms like powder, lotion and cream. Selecting the right shade and right form of bronzer is very important. We need to look into various factors like skin type, complexion, climate etc. People with Oily skin types should go for powdered bronzers while the ones with dry skin can opt for a lotion or cream. According to make up artist Bobbi Brown, we need to chose a shade, based on how we tan naturally. For example if you turn a medium golden brown in the sun, a medium bronzer is what you should select. We should not use a bronzer with too much shimmer as they accentuate the fine lines and creases.

How to Prep?

To apply bronzer, a proper base is very necessary. We should be sure that our skin is clean and moisturized. An unclean skin, layered with makeup can cause acne. Applying a foundation is optional….too much can make the skin look orange and fake. Instead one can go for tinted moisturizer.

 How to Apply?

To start off, chose a big wide brush to apply powder bronzers or your fingers for a lotion or cream. Take a small amount. You need to slowly blend the colour with circular strokes on the areas where sun naturally hits your face- forehead, cheeks, chin and bridge of your nose. Start from the center and go towards the hairline.

How to Finish the Look?

We should be careful with the overall makeup to make the bronzer work best. In the day, you can apply a nude or light pink gloss on the lips for a natural and healthy glow. While in the night you can wear a lip colour with coral or fuchsia tone for a more glamorous effect.  A kohl pencil and oodles of mascara on the eyes will make the look more dramatic.

The Bronze Brigade

 Eva Longoria                                           Jennifer Lopez                                          Hayden Panettiere

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