Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Makeup Tricks

Hurray!!!Holidays are approaching and so are approaching the days of celebration and late night parties. Apart from chosing the right dresses, we have to chose the right makeup for the occasion. Most of the time, due to longwear, makeup tries to wear off or melt.These are some few handy tricks to keep in mind for a perfect look.


Foundation often looks cakey on skin, specially if the skin has become dry. To get a dewy finish on your face blend some moisturizer to your foundation and apply to your face. This will not make it cakey and will give you a healthy and glowing complexion.


When we paint an earthenware, we have to use a white primer or base for the colour to set properly.Same goes with your eyeshadow application. Make a primer for your eyeshadow by applying matte white eyeshadow on your eyelids. Then apply the shadow of your choice on top. You will get the exact colour of the shadow.


Lipsticks often turn out to be a different colour when applied on lips than when viewed. This is due to lip's natural pigment. To show the exact colour of your lipstick you have to conceal the natural pigment of your lips.This can be done by applying a compact powder on the lips for a perfect base. Follow with the lipstick of your choice.


Winter hair can be very dry and dull.Nothing looks good on you if your hair is not radiant. To get a shiny hair without investing in expensive serums, apply a small amount of vinegar on towel-dried hair.You will get the much wanted radiance.

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