Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beauty & Beyond Team

This is a  just a small intro.... hey all, this is Jhilmil from Mumbai. I am a content writer and love to beautify myself and my surroundings.By beautification I dont mean to put makeup and wear fashionable clothes and jewelleries only. This is meant for overall beauty,e.g:reading a book,visiting a museum...anything that can uplift my mood. So this blog will reflect various aspects of my likes,dislikes,routine life etc. I can answer questions,I can have questions for you.So here you go...rather here we go.

I'm going to write about me. It's crazy. I don't know what to say about me but still I'll try to introduce myself properly.
 I'm Airene a STD XI science student, staying in Hooghly, West Bengal. I'm a crazy girl. Basically a fashion freak or more correctly writing freak. I love reading books that contain romance, horror, comedy and a happy ending. I also love reading fairy tales and watching comedies and cartoons. I love taking risks because without risks life is not a life and without craziness life is no fun. I'm good when I'm happy but I'm worse when I'm angry.   .I'm a moody girl who loves creativity and I don't like or allow anyone to compare myself with others. Everyone cannot be same and each and everyone is gifted with something which we've to bring out of ourselves and make use of it without losing heart. Finally I found something which I'm loving and being a member of Beauty and Beyond I'm really happy. It's an honour for me to become a part of this team and I'm glad. That's pretty much about me.


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