Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jeannie in a Jar

My post on my 10 favourite beauty products have raised a question amongst some of my friends?Vaseline....why on earth?? To that I say, as a kid I always used to love the TV show,"I Dream of Jeannie" and used to wonder why cant I get a Jeannie who can do everything for me like doing all my homework or arranging my room?Now i think why dont I get some product which can do everything for me...well almost everything. So why not Vaseline Petroleum Jelly?Lets see why.

1.Lip Balm: Vaseline can work as a lip balm by making the lips soft and smooth.

2.Foot Cream: Cracked heels can be treated with Vaseline.

3.Hand Lotion: In winter hands can become very dry.Applying vaseline every night can make them soft.

4.Body Lotion: It can be a substitute for body lotion for very dry skin.

5.Dry elbows/knees: These parts of the body tend to be very dry. Vaseline can soften those areas.

6.Tired eyes: If your eyes look very tired and dull, applying a little bit of Vaseline on the upper lid can instantly brighten them.

7.Massage Cream: Vaseline can be a good substitute to your regular massage oil/cream.

8.Lip Gloss: It can be used as a nude lip gloss on lipstick.

I can think of these many things this wonderful product can do. I dont know if I have missed something!! So, isnt it a "Jeannie in a Jar?"

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