Friday, December 2, 2011

Passing by Parijsstraat

View of the main street
Hey beautiful people, the last 2 days had been quite cloudy, so could not go out for my usual stroll. However, today I had decided, no matter what, I should go out for a long walk. I just came back from my walk and thankfully it is sunny outside. I went to Parijsstraat (read Paris-strat), a popular street with nice clothing stores,restaurants,bakeries & chocolate shops. The street is most of the time moderatley crowded by shoppers. However, I just love to roam about and enjoy window-shopping.

Oliver Strelli Store: This is one of the most famous designer clothing & accessories stores of Belgium. This chain spreads across a large number of countries in Europe and some parts of Asia.

Hema: This is a very popular Dutch variety store chain. It sells almost everything one can think of..starting from stationaries,clothings,accessories,makeup,jewelleries,chocolates & so on in very affordable prices.

JBC: This one is my absolute favourite store. They have very chic and comfortable collection of clothing and accessories for all. The price range is also very good.They run 50% discount on selected items round the year.

Godiva: This is another favourites of mine. One of the most famous chocolate boutique chains in the world,it spreads across 450 outlets in Europe,Asia & America.

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  1. I just want to run into each and every store :) your blog is really cute :)
    The Quiet One


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