Monday, December 5, 2011

Products I Regret Buying

I often buy products without even thinking twice. Some times they are hits & sometimes big misses. There are certain products I had purchased in recent months that had by no means helped me out anyway and that I just want to hate. They may be good for other people but for me, absolute no no.

1.Hema Woman's Hair Removal Eyebrowshapers:

I was so happy when I was purchasing this product. 16 sculpted strips for shaping & styling are my dreadful days of I thought.But whoa!!such a pain it was.It did nothing to remove a single strand of hair.I wasted so many strips.And after struggling for almost 1/2 n hour, I was left with red,chapped skin.Now I am again back to my good old tweezers.

2. Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Air-Whipped Foundation:

Why did I even buy it? When I was selecting the colour, I was going for a lighter shade but the overenthusiastic SA chose me the one in Sun Beige. I thought ok.And when I applied it was so thick. My complexion darkened and I was looking like a burnt cake. And Dream it?My face became so dry after sometime, although I have an oily/combination skin.Dont know if it works for others.But for me definitely not.

3. Fa Caribbean Lemon 24H Deo:

Nice packaging. Gives a feeling of freshness. But I wish the smell also was fresh.Instead when used gives such a bad headache. I hate the smell.Another of my sudden purchases.

4. Mikos Les Fruits de mon Jardin EDT:

This one is kind of strange to me. I tried the tester at the store and absolutely loved the fragrance. But when I later used it at home it completely turned out to be a different smell. I was so shocked. This smell is not bad, but nothing compared to the fruity fragrance I had fallen for.

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