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Review:Yves Rocher Cure Solutions Anti-Agressions Kit

I bought the Cure Solutions Anti-Agressions kit after I saw numerous advertisements and promotions. I thought to try out this and found that it was selling like hot cake in the store.I had to stand in a long queue to pay.
Problem: My skin had become quite dull after a bad breakout and I was in desperate need of something that will help regain the radiance.Some fine lines had appeared on my forehead.The breakout had left me with several blemish spots on the cheeks and chin.

What I mostly love about Yves Rocher products is their packaging.This kit also comes in a small green paper packagage with detailed description of the products inside in several languages. As soon as you open the package you will see the 2 products placed inside.The inner cover consistes of the application procedure of the products in several languages.

The kit contains 2 products meant to remove the effect of stress from the skin.
1.24-hr Antioxidant Shield Serum

Look:This serum comes in a 7ml tube with a very narrow and pointed mouth. The serum is white,very light and quite runny in texture.However once applied to the skin,it is quickly absorbed.
Ingredients:As mentioned in the package,the major ingredients of the product are Moringa peptides,aloe vera gel,purified aphloia extract and and tara gum.
Method:It is mentioned in the package that this serum can be used twice everyday,on its own or under regular creams/moisturizers.
  • Protects skin from oxidation linked to free radicals
  • Forms a barrier against polluting particles
  • Repairs damage to cells
  • Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed in 1 month
  • Complexion is revived
  • Acts as a make up base
Performance: When you open the cover the first thing noticeable is the smell.The fragrance resembles so much  my almond oil, or can be compared to a milder version of the vitamin E capsules we take at night.I loved the texture of the serum .It is so light and silky that it immediately is absorbed by the skin after application. The skin feels moisturised and soft.You need a very little amount to cover the entire face.So as mentioned on the kit, it can be used for a much longer time than 7 days. I have been using it for the last 17 days, once a day, under my daycream.The first signs of wrinkles on my face is slowly getting smoothed, specially on my forehead and frown lines.The blemish spots on my face has lightened.My skin tone has become more even.And most important I have regained the lost radiance of my skin with more suppleness.
Cons: I cannot think of anything else rather than the runny texture. Some may find the smell a little strong.

2.Anti Asphyxiation Flash Mask

Look: The mask comes in a 15 ml green tube.The texture is a light orangish gel.It is quite sticky when first touched but very quickly gets absorbed and becomes somewhat powdery in texture.

Ingredients:The major ingredients of the mask are moringa extracts,aloe vera gel,tea extract,organic sesame oil & organic saro essential oil.
Method:As directed this can be used twice a week on cleansed skin and rinsed off after keeping for 5 minutes on the skin.
  • Instant antidote for suffocating skin
  • Combats suffoctaion and frees skin of dust and polluting particles
  • Soothes skin
  • Features are smoothed and relaxed
  • Skin texture is refined
  • Radiance is restored
Performance:It smells a bit of vitamin C but quite strong.I am not a fan.I liked the fact that the gel-like texture turns into a smooth powdery finish on the skin. I usually avoid masks as I am too lazy to keep them for 10-15 minutes.But this one being a flash mask is quite quick and active in its work.Once rinsed off and towel dried, the skin feels supple and smooth. After 2 weeks of use my skin has really become much more radiant and fresh.Another thing I have noticed is that the large pores on my nose and cheeks have refined to a certain extent.
Cons:The fragrance is a turnoff for me.

Rating: Priced at €5, this kit is a total value for money. I would rate it a 4.5 out of 5 just for the strong smell of the mask.Within 15 days of use my skin has revived and my complexion has brightened as it was never before. I am a fan and would definitely repurchase it.


  1. I am tempted to it available in India???

  2. I am not sure.But Yves Rocher sells online too.This is a must try...and I found out that they have discontinued the kit and both the products are available sepeartely in full sizes.

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  12. I juz buy it today... Is tat good for use?

    1. Hi J.K.
      It was amazing for my skin,so much so that I had purchased the full sized bottles of both the mask and serum.Let me know what is your take on the products.


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