Friday, December 23, 2011

Today's Looks

These days I am much into dark matte lips. I had always been a gloss girl...but somehow recently I have started liking matte lips.I experimented with 2 different looks today.

1. The first look is meant for the day. It is slightly lighter.

Eyes:I used a black eye pencil to line the upper eyelid.I had tightlined my eyes.

Products Used:MAC eye pencil in Black.Lotus kajal stick.

Lips: I used a hot pink colored lipliner to line and fill in my lips.

Products used: Elizabeth Arden lip definer in Vivid Pink

2. The second look is ideally for the night.

Eyes:I used a dark brown eye pencil to line the upper eyelid. I used a mascara to brighten my lashes.

Products used:Looking Good eyeliner Pencil in Medium Brown,Diorshow mascara

Lips: I used a dark plum lip pencil to outline and fill in my lips for the dark matte look.

Products Used:Looking Good lipliner pencil in Cabarnet


  1. Nice! haha Sometimes I love to test some make ups! hahaha

    Come back to my blog?


  2. Obrigada pela visita em meu blog,gostei muito do seu e estou lhe seguindo.gosto muito de batons matte.Bjs

  3. the colour of the lipstick is gorgeous...thanks for sharing

    merry christmas from

  4. Oi amiga, muito obrigada por sua visita, fiquei muito feliz com seu elogio...Tenha um Feliz Natal!!!!!

    Já estou seguindo....bjs da Val

  5. Thanks for coming back to my blog! I love your visits! Beautiful here!
    Merry Christmas early!

    Come to vist our blog whenever you want!


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