Friday, December 23, 2011

Today's Looks

These days I am much into dark matte lips. I had always been a gloss girl...but somehow recently I have started liking matte lips.I experimented with 2 different looks today.

1. The first look is meant for the day. It is slightly lighter.

Eyes:I used a black eye pencil to line the upper eyelid.I had tightlined my eyes.

Products Used:MAC eye pencil in Black.Lotus kajal stick.

Lips: I used a hot pink colored lipliner to line and fill in my lips.

Products used: Elizabeth Arden lip definer in Vivid Pink

2. The second look is ideally for the night.

Eyes:I used a dark brown eye pencil to line the upper eyelid. I used a mascara to brighten my lashes.

Products used:Looking Good eyeliner Pencil in Medium Brown,Diorshow mascara

Lips: I used a dark plum lip pencil to outline and fill in my lips for the dark matte look.

Products Used:Looking Good lipliner pencil in Cabarnet

Indi wallet