Friday, January 6, 2012

10 Most Expensive Jewelries in the World

Who does not want jewelries?Fabulous works of art adorned with Gold,silver,platinum...precious stones. Some of the rare and costliest pieces are listed here.

10. Fancy Pink & White Diamond Necklace by Leviev-$2m

9. Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring by Graff-$2m

8. Diamond Necklace by William Goldberg-$2m

7. Pear-shaped Diamond Pendant by Tiffany & Co.-$2.5m

6. Diamond & Emerald Necklace by Chopard-$3m

5. Blue Diamond by Sotheby's-$7.98m

4. Diamond Drop Earrings by House of Harry Winston-$8.5m

3. Heart-shaped Burma Ruby Necklace-$14m

2. White Diamond by Sotheby's-$23m

1. Diamond Bikini by Susan Rosen & Steinmeitz-$30m


  1. Wow.... that's amazing how much this jewellery costs!
    Morgan xx

  2. I'm so amazed at how much that ring is! $23million o.o


  3. oh finally this is your real and active blog;) i like it! and i can´t take my eyes of this beautiful jewellery why always the most beautiful things are the most expensive:(
    love and kiss,mary

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  5. the jewellry are so beautiful and expensive. thank God i don't own any of them...too much trouble ;)

  6. OMG, what a delightful torture to contemplate in admiration at these beautiful creations! I could do with the Sotheby's ring!
    XOXO, Maria Jose

  7. Hi beautiful! tnks a lot for ur LOVELY comment!! I'm following u already!

    xx from

  8. Speaking of creativity....this is an amazing post!!! I haven’t seen anything like it! I love all of these pieces especially the rings!! I love looking at things like these even thought they create much dissonance!! I am also following you I can’t wait to see more amazing posts!!! :D


  9. If they give me even just one of these, wearing them would be impossible! I'll be too stressed for their safety! :D anyway, thank you so so much for the comment! That reaaallly made me giddy! Thank you for making a random girl somewhere in the planet smile so much for today! :>

  10. I'm following you on both blogs! I think the link on your profile is what has the inactive blog. I followed that but then tried the link you left beneath your comment and that brought me here!

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  12. You have an adorable blog and this post about jewelry is fantastic; Thank you for the kind comment, and keep up the great work!

  13. thanks so much for your absolutely lovely comment. it made my day :)
    i'm a huge fan of jewellery myself. LOVE the diamond and emerald necklace. so pretty!


  14. A great post!
    Thank you very much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog!

  15. Wow! Those are some really expensive pieces, but gorgeous :)


  16. thanks 4 the lovely comment u left on my blog .. i like ur post a lot , lol would it beyond fantasy if a beloved bf would bring me sth like that?
    lol <3

  17. i like the number 222222
    thank u for sharing this



  18. Lovely!
    Thanks for passing by my blog. I'm very happy you like it! Kisses

  19. thanks so much for your sweet comment! i do appreciate! OMG! I love diamonds, but the emerald necklace is to die for!

  20. I adore jewelry. It's something that complements outfits and looks very nicely! These are gorgeous picks!
    I just followed this blog, and removed the abandoned one you had... I would appreciate if you could follow me as well with your new blog, so we can stay in touch :)
    Good luck!

  21. So amazing jewellery. Keep up the fantastic piece of work, I read few articles on this web site and I believe that your blog is really interesting and has got lots of good information.

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