Friday, January 6, 2012

10 Most Expensive Jewelries in the World

Who does not want jewelries?Fabulous works of art adorned with Gold,silver,platinum...precious stones. Some of the rare and costliest pieces are listed here.

10. Fancy Pink & White Diamond Necklace by Leviev-$2m

9. Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring by Graff-$2m

8. Diamond Necklace by William Goldberg-$2m

7. Pear-shaped Diamond Pendant by Tiffany & Co.-$2.5m

6. Diamond & Emerald Necklace by Chopard-$3m

5. Blue Diamond by Sotheby's-$7.98m

4. Diamond Drop Earrings by House of Harry Winston-$8.5m

3. Heart-shaped Burma Ruby Necklace-$14m

2. White Diamond by Sotheby's-$23m

1. Diamond Bikini by Susan Rosen & Steinmeitz-$30m

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