Friday, January 20, 2012

Pretty Pink

Feminine,cute,cheerful...any of these adjectives will suit the colour Pink. The universal favourite colour, it can be synonymous with anything that is bright and sweet.

Pink is any of the colours between bluish red (purple) to red, of medium to high brightness and of low to moderate saturation. Commonly used for Valentine's Day and Easter, pink is sometimes referred to as "the color of love."

Pinks,when used in dresses look very romantic.

Pink accessories look bright and can transform a dull outfit to a brighter one.

Pink jewelleries can cheer up the mood.

Pink toys and decorative items can brighten the appearance of the room

Pink in makeup can work wonders like lipsticks,eyeshadows and cheeks & nails.

Home decor in pink can be a woman's paradise.

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