Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spring-Summer Colour Trends

The colours of Spring-summer 2012 have been revealed by Pantone. The wonderful colours are a mix of romantic and artistic hues with a touch of nature.



  1. Solar Power, Tangerine and sweet lilac! Love!

  2. Driftwood, Starfish and Margarita are my favorites.
    I love sun, but in my country the summer will end soon...
    Enjoy the season and the new colours.

  3. So inspiring! I like driftwood and starfish the best :)

  4. Nice colours!

  5. I love summer colors, they are so lovely.
    I'm following you too.

  6. i like Solar Power and Bell flower

    Following you back..a great blog you have here :)

  7. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It means a lot for me!
    My favourite colors from this post are 'Cabaret', 'Sodalite bleu' and 'Sweet lilac'.
    You have a lovely blog and I'm glad to be your new follower.

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    xoxo, Oana

  8. Thanks for your really lovely comment :) It made my day!
    Also thank you for following my blog. I use bloglovin' myself, so you have follower nr 4 there!

    Gorgeous post, and such cute names for all the colours! I wouldn't have even thought of these. Really nice post. :)

    Have a great weekend,

    Indie by Heart

  9. thank you so much for your comment!! I love the tangerine orange!!


  10. My favs are the tangerine and cockatoo!!! Your blog is simply wonderful :o) thank you for your gorgeous comment on my blog; you most certainly have a new follower too!


  11. Guess what my favorite is... Tangerine! Thanks so much for visiting and your sweet comment.

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  12. I can't wait to wear the trend's of the new season, my favorites are all the pastel colors and tangerine too of course. Nice post!

  13. thanks for dropping by blog,i am glad u love totally following back.....xoxo

  14. lovely and blue!!!love them!!!!

    a kiss from the

  15. Oh im in for color colors and colors! Love your blog. Im also your new follower :)Thank you so much for your sweet comment, loved it!

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  16. thanks for your comment. of course i follow you back :)
    i love this post and love all of this colors! you're fashion soul!

  17. What a beautiful re-cap of the color forecast! I really enjoyed it! My personal fav is Solar Power and Cockatoo.
    I just love your blog!
    XO - Marion

  18. I'm LOVING the tangerine trend this season!


  19. sighh gorgeous colors + names!
    I'm lovin the cockatoo, lilac and driftwood!
    p.s thanks for the lovely comment + follow hun!
    You made me feel so happy! count me as a new follower for you too :)


  20. personalmente nos quedamos con la gama de verdes y azules... a veces un poco de rosa también viene bien, son los colores que más favorecen! gracias por visitar nuestro blog, tenemos nuevo post ;)

  21. Thank you so much for you kind comment on my blog, and for following! I love beauty too like you, and yes I love to surround myself with beauty. It could be a single flower or a pretty dress or a beautiful lady or a cute baby!
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