Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top 10 Fashionable Cities of the World

10. Berlin

9. Tokyo

8. Singapore

7. Barcelona

6. Hong Kong

5. Los Angeles

4. Milan

3. Paris

2. New York

1. London


  1. I have been to Paris, New York and London, I loved them all! New York was definitely my favourite though.
    Just to let you know i nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award!
    check out my post about it here:

  2. Love all the cities of fashion! Great post. I hope to visit Mi Lan one day.

  3. I would love to visit all those cities one day!! The only exception is New York, which I've visited countless times since I love so close.

    Thank you so much for the sweet, encouraging comment you left on my blog! I'm following you now too!


  4. My favourite one is definitely Hanneli in New York. Love your blog, just found you through hollyliketoblog - am now following. Lots of love xxx

  5. Brilliant post, loved all of the outfits, especially London's!


  6. I was in Tokyo recently and I was totally drooling over all the shoes!

  7. It makes me want to split myself in 10 and live in all these cities! Although I'm off to NYC in a few months...
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!


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