Tuesday, February 14, 2012

6 Makeup Ideas for Today

So today is the day we have been waiting for a long time-Valentine's Day.Here are 6 makeup ideas we can go for the day.
1.A clear complexion is the key for this look. A BB cream is ideal to achieve that.
2.A concealer will help in correcting spots and flaws.
3.A sheer lipstick gives a very natural look.
4.A volumnizing mascara rounds up the look.

1.A sheer foundation gives a soft look.
2.A pink blush perks up the glow
3.A lime green eyeshadow makes the eye beautiful.
4.A pink lipstick adds up the drama.
5.A white kohl rounds up the romantic look.

1.A matte long-wear foundation is ideal.
2.A teracotta coloured blush accentuates the cheekbones.
3.A nude matte lipstick gives elegance.
4.A waterproof mascara looks good.
5.A black kohl pencil makes the look perfect
6.A smokey eyeshadow pallette rounds up for the look.
1.A shimmering bright eyeshadow pallette is the key for the look
2.A black eyeliner is used to achieve the winged line.
3.False lashes brightens up the eye.
4.A shocking pink lipstick makes it sexy.
5.A fuchsia blush is used to make it very bright.

1.A healthy glow is achieved by a tinted moisturizer.
2.A bronzer gives a radiance to the face.
3.A mauve eyeshadow pallette is used to achieve a dramatic eye.
4.A long lash mascara is used to give more volume.
5.A nude coloured high-shined gloss makes the look perfect.

1.A taupe coloured eyeshadow is used.
2.A curling mascara pops up the look.
3.A porcelain foundation makes the skin dewy.
4.A red lipstick gives an extra glamour.
5.A curling iron is used to get the beautiful big curls.

Wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!!

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