Tuesday, March 13, 2012

8 Bold Statement Colours to try in Makeup

Normally, we look out for simple and elegent colours for everyday makeup.Brown neutrals for eyes,clear gloss or nudes for lips and very light cheecks.The evenings are either with a smokey eye or a berry coloured Lips.How about trying something different this season,some bold and vibrant colours?


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  2. Really good guide :)

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  3. I like it very much! I wish I could try bold fuchsia lips, but since I'm a redhead, I can't really. I wear a lip stain with fuchsia undertones, but when I want to go for a bold lip, I use a true red, which I like because it has this Old Hollywood vibe.
    I do wear a coral blush with pink undertones: it's Coralista by Benefit. It gives this natural yet fresh, healthy complexion, and highlights quite well. And it really smells delicious.
    Mademoiselle Sonushka


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