Thursday, March 22, 2012

Best 8 BB Creams to Try!!

I had already discussed about BB Creams previously in a post.Let us see what are the best.

Available in 2 shades,for different skin tones,this one is affordable and probably the only one available in a drugstore.It gives a good coverage and lasts long.The skin does not breakout.I use it regularly and have almost stopped using foundation(unless I am going out for a special occasion).

It gives a nice dewy glow and works well when worn under makeup or alone.

It evens out the skin tone and gives a shimmery youthful glow protecting from the sun.

It is filled with anti-oxidant properties.Although it has a thick consistency,when mixed with a moisturizer it can glide smoothly on skin,giving a nice coverage and amplle sun-protection.

It is sheer but gives a nice coverage.The colour is also warm and matches well with the natural skin tone.

It contains light-diffusing ingredients and hides wrinkles and pores.It has a matte finish.

It blends beautifuuly and can work as a primer.

It is fragrance-free,long lasting and does not wear-off easily.

Other good brands to try are The Body Shop,Maybelline and the Asian ones like BRTC,Missha and Skinfood.


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