Friday, March 9, 2012

My Beauty Essentials:2

When I was a teenager and was in college, I was blessed enough to never face acne problems.But from my mid-twenties I started suffering from occasional acne problems.Since then I had been in search of a perfect face cleanser that would purify my skin without drying.I had used products specifically meant for acne-prone skin that left me with a dry patch on my face,till I started using The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash.
It is a pretty green coloured gel that comes in a 250ml transparent bottle.The price is a bit steep,but I require a very little amount and a bottle lasts forever.After using for a week,I stopped getting pimples.I have been using it now for over 4 months and my acne marks have faded significantly,leaving me with a clear complexion.It does not dry the skin like other anti-acne products and is very soft on the skin.I would definitely use this product from now on,till I find a better option.


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