Monday, March 5, 2012

Top 10 Lipglosses

Lipglosses can be used alone or over a lipstick to glamourize the effect.Here are the best lipglosses we have out there.

10.Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment

Enriched with aloe and shea butter formulae, this lip gloss softens dry lips and keep them protected.Pretty sheer colours,dessert-like scents & cute packaging makes this gloss a must.

9.Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss

This antioxidant-infused lipgloss combines the qualities of a lip balm with shine.It makes extreme dry lips supersoft and plump.

8.Nars Lip Lacquer
This super-shiny gloss gives luscious lips and comes in rich concentrated shades.

7.Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Makeup Lip Gloss

A high shine with gold shimmer, a decent coat of color, a lack of stickiness and an inviting vanilla flavor make this gloss unique.One application lasts for few hours.

6.Benefit Her Glossiness
The jojoba oil content makes this gloss sheer,shiny and soft on lips.It moisturizes the skin and actually gives a hydrating effect.

5.Shu Umera Gloss Unlimited
It comes in 15 gorgeous shades.It adds shine,shimmer and moisture to the lips and has a floral scent.

4.Lorac Mocktail Lipgloss

It is super glossy,slightly shimmery and not sticky.

3.Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Tint SPF 15
Enriched with jojoba and avocado oil,these lip tints are highly moisturizing and gives a peppermint smell.It makes the lips soft and plump.

2.Lola Lip Indulgence Lipgloss
Filled with papaya butter,mango and other fruit extracts this gloss moisturizes and add a sweet flavour to the lips.

1.Bourjois Effect 3D Lipgloss

Soft,non-sticky and 18 lovely shades makes this gloss one of the best in the market.

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