Thursday, March 8, 2012

Top 10 Nail Polishes

Who doesnot like wearing a pretty coloured nailpolish?I generally love bright shades.Although while buying nailpolishes I dont take care much of the brand and seek for cheaper options,I still wanted to know about the best nailpolishes in terms of quality and colour.

10.Wet n Wild Rock Solid Nail Lacquer
It dries super fast,looks pretty and the colour in the bottle is exactly the same when applied.It comes with a beautiful packaging of a crystal at the top of the cap and is very pocket-friendly.

9.Avon Nailwear Nail Enamel
It lasts longand doesnot chip off,even with water.Reasonably priced,it comes in various beautiful colours.

8.Maybelline New York Express Finish 60 Second Nail Colour
It dries fast,has various shades and is available widely in very affordable price.The wide array of colours are very pretty and has good pigmentation.

7.Revlon Nail Enamel
It is rich,vibrant and sheer.The "no testing on animals" tag is also cool.It dosnot make the nails yellow after removal.

6.Covergirl CG Boundless Colour Nailpolish
It is long-lasting and affordable.The colour selection is widely ranged and the colours are as good as in any nail salon.

5.Lippmann Collection Nail Lacquer

It is unique as the formula allows it to be applied thinly and the brush design prevents the application from getting messy.A bottle lasts very long without getting thick or dry.It has anti-fungal qualities and doesnot have formaldehyde,making it environment-friendly.

4.Essie Nail Polish
It has a super shiny finish that is achieved without applying a top coat. It lasts long and comes in beautiful shades.

3.Rimmel London 60 Seconds Vinyl Stars
It really dries in 60 seconds,is very affordable and has a wide variety of colours.

2.OPI Nail Lacquer Classics

The colour goes on smoothly,is rich and vibrant and long lasting.Under the light it looks fabulous and even give a holographic effect.

1.China Glaze Nail Lacquer With Hardeners

It is unique as it comes in dozens of beautiful colours and effects.It has every quality to be the best nailpolish as it dries fast and the colours are bright and deep.


  1. 10,9,7 <3

    Zachęcam do obserwowania mojego bloga i strony na facebooku:

  2. I love 1 and 4!!

    I've never tried Avon nailpolishes before but the colours of the two you've posted look very pretty and vibrant!


  3. Great reviews :) I love all the colours OPI has, that second one is nice :)

  4. Holla to the nail polish! I love it :) Essie and Revlon are my favorites!

  5. Rimmel is my go to nail brand


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