Monday, April 16, 2012

14 Foods For a Perfect Smile

A white good set of teeth gives a wonderful smile and what can be more beautiful than a wide warm smile.Here are 14 foods that help to brighten up our teeth.

1.Sugar-free Yogurt

Sugar free yogurt kills the bacteria between the teeth that cause bad breath.

2.Green Tea

The high-content of Catechin in Green tea helps to eradicate bacteria causing plaque and bad breath.


The powerhouse of Calcium and Vitamin D,Cheese helps to preserve and rebuild tooth enamel.It checks the growth of cavity-causing bacteria.


The ultimate source of Vitamin C,Kiwis,help to prevent the breakdown of collagen network of gums.


Onions,specially if eaten uncooked as in salads,have antibacterial properties,that can kill the bacteria causing tooth damage.


Consuming lemon juice can help to whiten the teeth.

7.Fibre-Rich Foods

Celery,apples,carrots,anything rich in fibre content help the bood circulation of gums by massaging them.

8.Parsley & Mint

Fresh and sweet breath can be achieved by the consumption of parsley and mint leaves.They contain monoterpenes that travel from bloodstream to lungs and are released with your breath.

9.Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds help to build up teeth enamel and clean the bacteria causing plaque.The high amount of calcium help to strengthen the bone around the gum.


The high content of Omega3 Fatty acid in fishes, help to fight any gum disease.

11.Shiitake Mushrooms

Lentinan sugar which is an important ingredient found in Shiitake mushrooms,prevent the bacteria that cause plaque.


Strawberry has natural powers to whiten the teeth and make it more pearly.


The spicy zing found in wasabi,is actually because of isothiocyanates, that prevent the growth of cavity causing bacteria.


The best defense of plaque and cavity is the natural secretion of saliva and nothing can help that more than water.


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