Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 Healthy Options for Full Meal

Sometimes people restrict themselves from having any solid food in the name of dieting.We often skip meals which has adverse effects on our health.Our calorie intake can be checked by making the right choices of food and not by avoiding them totally.Here are 7 options of food that can take care of our health without adding the extra pounds.

1.Soup as Midday Meal 

Although considered to be an apetizer, a bowl of soup can fill the stomach as effectively as any other main course meal.Soups made of fresh vegetables or fibre-rich options are specially very healthy and fulfilling for the stomach.

2.Whole Grain Breads for Breakfast/Lunch

Whole wheat or mutigrain breads help to release glucose slowly as they have complex carbohydrates.This means the sugar level is kept at constant.They are rich sources of Vitamin D.

3.Citrus Fruits for Snacking

Grapes,lemons,kiwis and guavas are powerhouse of Vitamin C and fibres.The fibres are good for the intestines and Vitamin C helps in the body's metabolism.

4.Low Fat Yogurt Anytime

Yogurt provides the much needed dosage of healthy bacteria for better digestion and calcium for stronger bones.

5.Oatmeal for Breakfast/Dinner

It is the best Complex carbohydrate option that can meet you hunger without adding extra calories.It keeps the check the insulin level in the body.

6.Eggs for Breakfast

A rich source of proteins,eggs can be a very good option for a heavy breakfast.It takes a longer time to get fully digested.Accompanied by whole grain breads they make a full satisfying meal.

7.Green Vegetables for Midday Meal/Dinner

Spinach,brocolli,leeks,lettuce...any green vegetable can have high thermic value and they help to digest the food properly. 


  1. the yoghurt is a good idea and looks delicious <3


  2. the salads are my favorite meal :)))

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