Monday, April 23, 2012

8 Quick Makeup Steps to Revive Tired Skin

There comes a phase once in a while when our skin looks extremely dull and tired,maybe after a stressful project at office or after some grilling exams.Here are some easy makeup routines that can camouflage this dull look and bring back the glamorous you back.

1.Prep Your Skin

Before Setting up the makeup, make sure your skin is ready for it.Prep it by cleansing with an exfoliant.This will help to remove the dead cells off the surface skin,revealing a more radiant skin.Then use an eye cream specially for brightening the eye area.This will instantly refresh your look.

2.Moisturize and Conceal

Moisturizing with a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream will ensure a naturally radiant skin.To cover the annoying dark spots and blemish marks use a concealer.

3.Layer on Coverage

This step is optional if you think the 2nd step is not enough or you have to set the makeup for a longer time.Apply a loose powder or Mineral Foundation with a Kabuki Brush.This sets the face makeup well,without affecting the radiance achieved by the 2nd step.

4.Brighten Your Cheeks

A beautiful flushed cheek can help erase fatigue from your face.Apply a bright cheek colour with a blush brush to the apples of your cheeks to give the rosy glow.

5.Mist & Pat

The previous 4 steps can result in a more mattified or powdered face.To make it look more natural and dewey spray some mist or toner and pat slowly with your hands.

6.Fill in Your Brows

Your brows help to frame your face.Apply a shadow with an angular brush or brow pencil to fill in your brows.If you use a colour that is a shade lighter than your brow colour the look becomes more youthful.

7.Simple Eyes

Your cheek and brows are the main focus of this makeup,so keep the eye makeup simple.For a bright perk up,use a neutral coloured shadow and a pop of mascara,or simply go low with only lining the eyes.

8.Fresh Lips

A smile is probably the most beautiful makeup.To accentuate a bright smile paint your lips with a flesh toned colour or simply a fruity lip balm.


  1. I just got a much needed facial this past weekend. I wish I could do it regularly because it makes such a big difference. Thanks for the at home tips to looking fresh faced. Have a great week!


  2. Great tips! This is actually very close to my morning routine :)



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