Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Beauty Essentials-4

When I was in India,I could never wear liquid foundation because of the hot and humid weather.I had to chose translucent powder instead.However,I noticed, the problem with translucent powder was, I had to retouch more often.I tried with some powder foundation but did not really like them.I had to deal with this situation until I found out my staple favourite-Shiseido The Makeup Powdery Foundation.

It is the best,specially for combination skin like mine.The shade that I use(020 Natural Light Ochre) is so natural for my skintone,that I have not found a better match ever.It has SPF 15 that protects my skin from the sun even when I am wearing it on the daytime.It stays for a long time and seldom needs retouches.It does not wear off and my complexion remains oil-free and radiant.When I use it with a primer,it works as a miracle and stays for hours.I have been using this product for almost 6 years now and I cannot think of any better option.

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