Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Beauty Essential-7

Even though I very rarely use a liquid foundation,whenever I do I make sure to apply a primer underneath.And I love my Shiseido Sheer Enhancer Base SPF 15 in Opalescent White.Thanks to my lovely friend back in India,who had chosen this product for me before my wedding.

The wonderful powdery formulae gives an inner glow when applied,camouflaging any imperfections and minimizing dullness.Actually most of the time I dont even use any foundation.In the daytime I just mix it with my normal sunscreen and apply and during nights just wear it alone if I want a very subtle natural-makeup look.The SPF 15 is another added advantage of the product.I sometimes use another base from Shiseido-Smoothing Veil which works as any normal primer and although I dont dislike it,I dont feel anything great about it.But the Sheer Enhancer is something I would definitely repurchase as it gives the exact kind of look I love,naturally glowing.


  1. Great beauty tip. I love liquid foundation and you're right.. primer is the way to go. Great tip.

    Quiet Luxury

  2. Great tip! Thanx for sharing!

    Out Of The Box


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