Friday, July 20, 2012

8 Tips to Look Healthy When You Are Not

After a Sunday Night party, comes the dreadful Monday where you have to go to office for that important presentation, no matter how sick you feel,or imgaine,after a tiring day at work,when you are almost dead with the severe headache and sore feet,you have to attend your best friend's engagement party,which by no means you can miss.And of course in all these situations you have to look good,even if you are at the worst of your health.Here are some tips to make you look healthy on those times when you actually are not,basically you have to fake the healthy look,or camouflage the sickness inside you.

Hydrate your Skin

Sickness can make your skin dull,and the best medicine to fight dullness is moisturizing it.Use a gentle moisturizer that can immediately give back some life to your skin.
Something like Cetaphil moisturizer can boost up your look.

Go for a Flash Facial

An instant home facial can immediately help in erasing out the tiredness and dullness of the skin.Use a gentle exfoliator and then a flash mask.It will hardly take 10 minutes to get a healthy skin.Try an exfoliator like The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish and a Flash mask like Yves Rocher Cure Solutions Anti-fatigue mask.

Brighten your Eyes

Your eyes are actually reflectors of your health.To get a healthy look,you have to first make your eyes look healthy and twinkling.You can use an eye drop for that.Also,the dark circles and puffiness can be got rid off using some special products like Garnier Light Eye Roll-on that contains Caffeine which can help brightening the under eye circles.

Gloss your Lips

Although it is difficult to pull of glossy lips for work,but trust me this is the time you should make an exception to the rule.A gentle pink gloss not only can moisturize the skin,but also will make your pouts radiate health with light reflecting properties.Use something like L'oreal Colour Rich Lip Gloss in Soft Pink.

Select the Right Shadow

You may like to wear that mauve set of shadow to office or like the smokey eye look done for any social outings,but this is the time you need to select something special as the colours of your choice can only make you look more tired and dull.It is wise to use a soft and muted earthly colour for shading and use a warm vanilla tone for highlighting.Something like Revlon CustomEye Shadow in Naturally Glamorous can serve the purpose.

Get the Glow

It is difficult to get the usual glow your skin naturally radiates everyday,when you fall sick.So you have to face it. Use a bronzer for that.Nothing looks more healthy than a sun-kissed skin.Use a bronzer like Dior Sun Powder or a cheek tint like The Body Shop Lily Cole Lip and Cheek Tint.

Tame your Mane

It is difficult to manage your hair in times of sickness.It is always advisable to take a shower and shampoo and then dry it to your preferred style.But,the big hurdle is YOU ARE SICK.So here comes the rescue products-a big brush,a towel and a good dry shampoo.These are the times you should utilize the bottle of dry shampoo and it can work wonders.

A Rosy Affair

Rose water is a multi-benefit product that can be helpful during these days.The anti-inflammatory properties and calm,soothing fragrance not only acts as a mental booster, but also eases out skin irritations giving it more life.So a spray after your makeup can perk up your look.


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