Thursday, July 5, 2012

Body Butters I have Used

I am a fan of body butters,specially the ones with exotic gourmet flavours like chocolate,coffee,vanilla etc.Here are some body butters that I have used.

Simply Basic Cocoabutter Body Butter:
This was way back and the first body butter I have ever used.It was from a cocoabutter gift set I had recieved from my cousin from Canada. The set included the body butter,shower gel,body scrub and lip butter.Thanks to her for the amazing gift.I loved the extreme sweet smell at that time and I was very exited to use the product as I have never used anything like that before.I was in India at that time and due to the humid climate,body butters were not an usual product that time(there were no Body Shop outlets too).

The Body Shop Cocoabutter Body Butter:
After I was finished with the Simply Basic body butter,I searched everywhere for a similar product but at that time the concept of body butter was not there in India,until maybe after 2-3 years The Body Shop was launched there.I purchased the Cocoabutter Body Butter.Although it was wonderful for my skin,I was a bit disappointed with the fragrance.The fragrance of Simply Basic was still lingering in my mind.

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter:
I dont know why i purchased it.I did not like the product and the smell was too overpowering.Somehow my mom liked the product and
I was happy to give it to her.

H2O+ Mojito Truffle Softening Body Souffle':
Thank God I came across a counter of H2o in a shopping mall.I purchased this product and OMG it was heaven.The smell,the consistency everything was so perfect.I loved the product and the way it just melted into the skin.I dont know why H20 has discontinued the product.

Marks & Spencer Cocoabean Body Butter:
This product was ok,neither too good to boast about nor too bad to discard.The consistency is just like any body lotion and not suitable for dry skin.The fragrance is mild and cool.

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter:
Since I am a girl who will always buy gourmet,savory and exotic fragranced bath products(think cookies,icecreams),this was an exceptional product for me and it was a gift from my cousin from Singapore.She gave me a gift pack that came with the body scrub and shower gel.And thanks to her for that, as it is one of the best products I have ever used.I used to club the products together and my skin was ultra soft.

I Love Cosmetics Coconut & Cream Body Butter:
I have already reviewed the product.It is quite good,specially for the price.

I love Cosmetics Vanilla & Icecream Body Butter:
I have reviewed this one as well.I love the fragrance.It really smells of vanilla icecream and as usual I Love Cosmetics always is a winner for its price.

Boots Extracts Brazil Nut Body Butter:
I had used a sample size of The Body Shop's Brazil Nut Body Butter earlier and I adored it.Since,the Brazil Nut line is not always available in the counters, when I saw the Boots Extracts one while on a trip to the UK during the beginning of this year,I could not resist myself from buying.I loved this product and how it made my skin soft during the dry weather.I loved the smell of brazil nuts.

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter:
I was so exited to use this product as chocolate is my favourite and I have not found out anything chocolatey after the H20+ Mojito Truffle Body Butter.This one is good,a bit too greasy on the skin.Perhaps I should have waited till the dry winters.The smell though is not that likeable to me.(Wierd but it reminds me of washed clothes kept wet for a long time and not dried)I probably will not repurchase the product.

Les Cosmetiques Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Butter:
I was very surprised to discover this lesser known brand's product in my local supermarket.What is remarkable is the silver foil  cover once the tub is opened.The price is very reasonable and it exactly smells like the body butter from Boots Extracts.Not that moisturizing though,it is a good product in such a price.

So these are the body butters I have used so far.I wish H20+ again comes up with the Mojito Truffle line as unarguably it was the best.I am in search of a Coffee fragranced Body Butter.Any idea?

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