Saturday, July 21, 2012

Top 10 Affordable Body Lotions

Although I mostly use body butters for my skin, out of the seldom body lotions I have used, Vaseline Cocoabutter and Vaseline Cucumber Aloe Lotion have been my favourites.Here are 10 Body Lotions that are reasonably priced and work wonders on the skin.

It is gentle and very effective on dry skin even one with eczema and moisturizes well without making the skin greasy.

It is a thick moisturizer that can treat and heal dry skin even during the harsh weathers.

It is a prescriptive cream that can soothe irritated skin specially stopping itches.

It is a lotion that apart from nourishing the skin refreshes and works as an aromatherapy for stress.

It forms a veil of silk all over the body without being too greasy or oily.

It soothes the skin and heals extra dry ones without being over sticky.

It does not only makes the skin soft and supple ,but also makes it glowing.

It is great for sensitive skin as it is made of beeswax which makes the skin smooth and soft.

It is thickand heavy but not over greasy and makes irritated skin soft and supple.

It gives a subtle natural glow to the skin and makes it ultra soft making the skin smell divine.

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