Thursday, November 29, 2012

24 Fall Fashion Trends from Runway 2012-Pt 3

So,today is the final part of the Fall Fashion Trends.
17.Call of the Wild
Wild,tribal prints & patterns are much in vogue.Think the old fable of Nokomis and his grandmother.
18.Orient Express
Floral prints like that of the Far East were seen in ensembles.
Abstract prints,an array of illusions and digital patterns were seen on the ramp.
20.Gems & Jewels
Crystal studded dresses are common,however this time it was like to draw the whole attention with oversized and assymetric shaped ones.
21.Blue-Black Combo
The black & blue combination is hot.It is beautiful,with a touch of royalty.
Animal prints are passe',and reptile prints are in.Bring out the venomous side of yours in these prints.
23.Military Mood
Strong women in uniforms looked deadly on the ramp.
Jumpsuits have been around for a while now.This year was no exception.
So here we are at the end of the trends for winter.Personally I am going for the Blue-black,Oriental,White looks.May be I can try out the snake prints-sounds creepy!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

24 Fall Fashion Trends from Runway 2012-Pt 2

Awww...I was so stuck in other works recently that was not able to post for few days.Anyway here is the 2nd part of the Fall Fashion Trend.

9.Bold Red Tartar & Plaid
Plaid is here again in red & black combination.Models raged the ramp in amazing ensebles of this style.
10.Pale Greys
Pale Grey dresses look feminine specially in satin,chiffons and other feminine clothings.
11.Shades of Pink
If red is the new black,pink is the new red.Pink was seen in every shade and fabric.
12.Gilded Embroideries
Beautiful gilded embroideries along with rich embelishments were seen on the ramp.This royal look can rule the festive season ahead.
13.Angelic White
Winters,snowy winter and what can be more signifant to welcome the season with snow white clothings.
14.Masterpiece Classics
The 19th Century Style,the classic suits and hats made a statement this time around.
15.Earthy Tones
Very basic colours like khakis,brown and other earthy tones have made their presence felt.
16.Leather Love
The biker girls are here...yes biker styled jackets only more feminine have made an impression on the ramp. tommorrow again the final part of the Fall Fashion Trends will be back.


Friday, November 23, 2012

24 Fall Fashion Trends from Runway 2012-Pt 1

While researching and composing this article I was so confused,which trend should I include and which one should I leave,there are so many amazing trends this time!!However,I managed to compile a few of these trends.
1.Romantic Drapes
This is my favourite look for this winter.Whenever we think of gowns we imagine something that is either off-shoulder or strapped.Made of exquisite silk and satin here is something that is extremely romantic,feminine and covers your shoulders.The high drapelined neck looks chic and elegent along with soft pastel colours.You dont need the extra shrug or stole to cover over your gown.
2.Fiery Reds
Red is the new black.You can think of anything in red,be it trousers,skirts,dresses or even office wear.This very rouging colour has got into a sophisticated form this season.Keeping in mind a bold and chic approach,the use of red for every kind of dress is here to stay.
3.Black & White
The classic look has always been there.This season is no exception,be it in suiting or in prints.Black & white combination looks elegant,formal and is suitable in all kinds of clothing.
4.Burgundy Rain
Raincoats have taken a new trend this time and that is rich burgundy colours.Burgundy is everywhere this season.Fight the rainy winters with this new look.
5.Knit Fit
Woolens are back with a bang.Oversized,high necked, name it and you can go for all kinds of knitwear.This reminds me of the very 80s look.
6.Contrast Collars
Cute little contrast collars are a rage this season.It looks pretty,feminine and supertrendy.
7.Hatter Matter
This classic style is back.While watching Titanic,I loved the bowed hat Kate Winslet was wearing.Well this is the time to wear that kind of hat.
8.Boho Belle
Dresses with bohemian prints,very much like the 70s are back.Gipsy or banjara patterns with frills,jackets and printed scarves look beautiful and can be an excellent lounge wear.
These are 8 of the 24 fashion trends for Fall-winter.Tommorrow I will be back with 8 more.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fashion Trend Setters of Bollywood Through the Ages(Till 80s)

Bollywood-the heart of Indian Film Industry has given a number of beautiful actresses,who not only mesmerized the audience with their powerful acting, but also their beauty and style.Each of them carried their own statement style and came out a winner.Here are few of the fashion trend setters of Bollywood that we have come across till the 80s.

Extremely beautiful,equally lively and jovial in her screen presence,her style was classy and serene.Her twinkling eyes spoke a thousand words and her beautiful smile won millions of heart across India.Never too made up,she was a natural beauty and had the charisma to carry off the not-so-made up look even in lavish costumes.
Probably she was the first A-list actress of her time to break out of the traditional Indian look and sport the Western look with flamboyance.Her sheer saris along with full sleeved blouses and short hair was the symbol of the emerging independent women of that era,who were ready to go out of their houses and walk equally along with their male counterparts.
Long curly hair,perfect curves and a beautiful smile to die for, she was one of the most powerful actresses.Her winged lined eyes could emote every role given, with power and glory.Mostly seen in saris and Indian attires,she looked equally elegant in non-glamourous roles.
Her unique fringed hairstyle was a rage of that time.A true fashionista,she introduced and popularized a lot of trends of that era.The pink pout,figure-hugging churidars,heavily lined eyes and perfect cheek bones made her the ultimate fashion icon.
Sharmila Tagore
Her soft dialogue delivery and big eyes made her stand apart.She was daring enough to don the bikini at a time when it was considered a taboo.The bouffant hair and heavily winged eyes look was a rage among young women of that time.Her confident persona was strung with equal softness and elegance.
Zeenat Aman
She introduced a completely different trend amongst the youth and dared to be the bad girl onscreen.In a time when people were used to seeing the 'goody two Shoes'who built a wall of limitations and boundaries owing to certain ideologies,she broke all rules and boundaries and showcased the wilder side of a woman.Her style,like her persona also was that of the 70s wild child-long glossy hair,big sunglasses,floral wild printed shirts and big hoops.This style was here to stay for a long time until someone came and changed the whole meaning of beauty and fashion.
She came,she saw, she conquered.At a time when the Indian audience were obsessed with light complexioned actresses,this dark skinned beauty made a niche for herself with her extremely expressive eyes,perfect jawline and maroon lips.Her eyes could melt a thousand hearts and she became a sensation amongst the cinema lovers around the world.Her on screen characters along with her personal life made her more wanted and she became the icon of the modern day Indian woman-strong,independant and mysterious.
Beautiful,tall,doe-eyed....she took the audience by storm with her powerful performances and larger than life characters.Perhaps she was the only woman who could look equally beautiful and extremely glamourous in every kind of role-be it a sensuous song sequence wearing chiffon sarees or playing a Charlie Chaplin lookalike,or in a character of a Snakewoman.Her Lahengas,sarees,nailpolish colours,accessories -everything became popular amongst the audience.
Well I wanted to cover the 90s as well but neither could I settle on a particular style,nor could I think about a trendsetter from that era.No doubt there were powerful actresses like Madhuri Dixit who not only by her acting skills but also with her smile captivated the nation,however,I am not sure if it holds the same when it comes to fashion.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Top 10 Detox Foods

Detoxification or Detox is the physiological or medicinal  process/period of removing toxic substances from the body.When our internal organs get affected by overabuse e.g:alcohol addiction or not taking proper diet,detox is required.Apart from medicinal help few food products have properties that can aid the process of detoxification.
1.Lemon:Powerhouse of Vitamin C and antioxidant properties Lemons are staple in detox diets.It is great for the skin and fight off free radicals prone to diseases.It can help in maintaining the body's pH balance and maintain the immune system.
2.Ginger:Adding a dash of ginger to your diet will help in improving the digestive system by reducing gas.It also help to maintain a good immune system.
3.Garlic:Apart from detoxifying the body it is beneficial to fight off heart ailments.The allicin content in garlic,helps in the production of white blood cells.It is known to have antibacterial,antiviral and antibiotic properties.
4.Artichoke:Globe artichokes are rich in fibres that help to digest harmful fatty foods.It is good for the functions of the liver.
5.Beetroot:Full of magnesium,iron and Vitamin C,beetroot is a source of multinutrients and is termed as a superfood.It is as good for the liver as it is for great skin and hair.
6.Green Tea:Regular consumption of green tea helps to fight liver dysfunctions.Rich in antioxidant properties,it is helpful to flush out toxins from the body.

7.Cabbage:The sulforaphane content in cabbage makes it an excellent agent to detoxify the body.It also helps in reducing weight.It supplies the body with glutathione that is good for liver functions.
8.Fresh Fruit:A diet consisting of fresh fruits not only is a high source of vitamins,antioxidants,minerals and fibres, but also is low on calories.The regular consumption of fruits can gurantee a healthier digestive system along with glowing skin,glossy hair and brighter eyes.
 9.Brown Rice:Replacing processed white rice with whole grains like brown rice will help to add Vitamin B,magnesium,manganese and phosphorus to the body whcih are very impotant nutrients for the body's smooth functioning.Being fibrous it helps to cleanse the colon and the selenium content in brown rice help to protect the liver.
10.Watercress:A powerhouse of Vitamin B,E and C,zinc and potassium,watercress are excellent detox food.The natural diuretic property in these leaves makes them a strong health booster.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Top 12 Makeup Trends from Fall 2012 Runway-Pt 2

Hey friends,today we will continue with the remaining part of the Fall Makeup trends.
7.Cat Eyes
Always my personal favourite is this look that reminds me of the Catwoman(I wanted to be her as a kid after seeing Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns).Well how can we forget the glorious 60s with sensational ladies like Audrey Hepburn donning the winged liner look?This time runways focussed on this eternal style statement in a variety of form-be it the Geisha type or the graphic patterned type.
 8.A Dash of Colour
How pretty it looks when our eyes are touched with a pretty colour,just a single hue.This season we saw this trend across the runway with purple mascaras,cobalt eyeliners or green shadows.
9.Brow Power
The thick and well defined brow look has been a flavour of this year.Gone are the days of pencil thin lined brows.So drop the tweezers and get a brow kit/pencil instead.
10.Butterfly Effect
Imagine a butterfly spreading its colourful wings on your eyelids.Not possible?Well this time the makeup artists have made it possible by turning the eyelids to a canvas for amazng metallic shades.
11.Milky Tone
White is used to highlight the eyes and cheeks sometimes.However, makeup artists have broken out of the usual mould and have garnered excellent ideas keeping white in mind.
12.Gold Accents
South Asian countries experiment with a lot of gold makeup specially during festive ocassions or weddings.Use of golden colour is a likely trend this season.Lets think of a glittery Christmas ahead. 
These are some of the makeup trends for the Fall.Let me know which are the ones you are going to try.

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