Friday, November 23, 2012

24 Fall Fashion Trends from Runway 2012-Pt 1

While researching and composing this article I was so confused,which trend should I include and which one should I leave,there are so many amazing trends this time!!However,I managed to compile a few of these trends.
1.Romantic Drapes
This is my favourite look for this winter.Whenever we think of gowns we imagine something that is either off-shoulder or strapped.Made of exquisite silk and satin here is something that is extremely romantic,feminine and covers your shoulders.The high drapelined neck looks chic and elegent along with soft pastel colours.You dont need the extra shrug or stole to cover over your gown.
2.Fiery Reds
Red is the new black.You can think of anything in red,be it trousers,skirts,dresses or even office wear.This very rouging colour has got into a sophisticated form this season.Keeping in mind a bold and chic approach,the use of red for every kind of dress is here to stay.
3.Black & White
The classic look has always been there.This season is no exception,be it in suiting or in prints.Black & white combination looks elegant,formal and is suitable in all kinds of clothing.
4.Burgundy Rain
Raincoats have taken a new trend this time and that is rich burgundy colours.Burgundy is everywhere this season.Fight the rainy winters with this new look.
5.Knit Fit
Woolens are back with a bang.Oversized,high necked, name it and you can go for all kinds of knitwear.This reminds me of the very 80s look.
6.Contrast Collars
Cute little contrast collars are a rage this season.It looks pretty,feminine and supertrendy.
7.Hatter Matter
This classic style is back.While watching Titanic,I loved the bowed hat Kate Winslet was wearing.Well this is the time to wear that kind of hat.
8.Boho Belle
Dresses with bohemian prints,very much like the 70s are back.Gipsy or banjara patterns with frills,jackets and printed scarves look beautiful and can be an excellent lounge wear.
These are 8 of the 24 fashion trends for Fall-winter.Tommorrow I will be back with 8 more.

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  1. Love Costello Tagliapietra dress!!!!

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