Wednesday, November 28, 2012

24 Fall Fashion Trends from Runway 2012-Pt 2

Awww...I was so stuck in other works recently that was not able to post for few days.Anyway here is the 2nd part of the Fall Fashion Trend.

9.Bold Red Tartar & Plaid
Plaid is here again in red & black combination.Models raged the ramp in amazing ensebles of this style.
10.Pale Greys
Pale Grey dresses look feminine specially in satin,chiffons and other feminine clothings.
11.Shades of Pink
If red is the new black,pink is the new red.Pink was seen in every shade and fabric.
12.Gilded Embroideries
Beautiful gilded embroideries along with rich embelishments were seen on the ramp.This royal look can rule the festive season ahead.
13.Angelic White
Winters,snowy winter and what can be more signifant to welcome the season with snow white clothings.
14.Masterpiece Classics
The 19th Century Style,the classic suits and hats made a statement this time around.
15.Earthy Tones
Very basic colours like khakis,brown and other earthy tones have made their presence felt.
16.Leather Love
The biker girls are here...yes biker styled jackets only more feminine have made an impression on the ramp. tommorrow again the final part of the Fall Fashion Trends will be back.


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