Thursday, November 29, 2012

24 Fall Fashion Trends from Runway 2012-Pt 3

So,today is the final part of the Fall Fashion Trends.
17.Call of the Wild
Wild,tribal prints & patterns are much in vogue.Think the old fable of Nokomis and his grandmother.
18.Orient Express
Floral prints like that of the Far East were seen in ensembles.
Abstract prints,an array of illusions and digital patterns were seen on the ramp.
20.Gems & Jewels
Crystal studded dresses are common,however this time it was like to draw the whole attention with oversized and assymetric shaped ones.
21.Blue-Black Combo
The black & blue combination is hot.It is beautiful,with a touch of royalty.
Animal prints are passe',and reptile prints are in.Bring out the venomous side of yours in these prints.
23.Military Mood
Strong women in uniforms looked deadly on the ramp.
Jumpsuits have been around for a while now.This year was no exception.
So here we are at the end of the trends for winter.Personally I am going for the Blue-black,Oriental,White looks.May be I can try out the snake prints-sounds creepy!!


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