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Fashion Trend Setters of Bollywood Through the Ages(Till 80s)

Bollywood-the heart of Indian Film Industry has given a number of beautiful actresses,who not only mesmerized the audience with their powerful acting, but also their beauty and style.Each of them carried their own statement style and came out a winner.Here are few of the fashion trend setters of Bollywood that we have come across till the 80s.

Extremely beautiful,equally lively and jovial in her screen presence,her style was classy and serene.Her twinkling eyes spoke a thousand words and her beautiful smile won millions of heart across India.Never too made up,she was a natural beauty and had the charisma to carry off the not-so-made up look even in lavish costumes.
Probably she was the first A-list actress of her time to break out of the traditional Indian look and sport the Western look with flamboyance.Her sheer saris along with full sleeved blouses and short hair was the symbol of the emerging independent women of that era,who were ready to go out of their houses and walk equally along with their male counterparts.
Long curly hair,perfect curves and a beautiful smile to die for, she was one of the most powerful actresses.Her winged lined eyes could emote every role given, with power and glory.Mostly seen in saris and Indian attires,she looked equally elegant in non-glamourous roles.
Her unique fringed hairstyle was a rage of that time.A true fashionista,she introduced and popularized a lot of trends of that era.The pink pout,figure-hugging churidars,heavily lined eyes and perfect cheek bones made her the ultimate fashion icon.
Sharmila Tagore
Her soft dialogue delivery and big eyes made her stand apart.She was daring enough to don the bikini at a time when it was considered a taboo.The bouffant hair and heavily winged eyes look was a rage among young women of that time.Her confident persona was strung with equal softness and elegance.
Zeenat Aman
She introduced a completely different trend amongst the youth and dared to be the bad girl onscreen.In a time when people were used to seeing the 'goody two Shoes'who built a wall of limitations and boundaries owing to certain ideologies,she broke all rules and boundaries and showcased the wilder side of a woman.Her style,like her persona also was that of the 70s wild child-long glossy hair,big sunglasses,floral wild printed shirts and big hoops.This style was here to stay for a long time until someone came and changed the whole meaning of beauty and fashion.
She came,she saw, she conquered.At a time when the Indian audience were obsessed with light complexioned actresses,this dark skinned beauty made a niche for herself with her extremely expressive eyes,perfect jawline and maroon lips.Her eyes could melt a thousand hearts and she became a sensation amongst the cinema lovers around the world.Her on screen characters along with her personal life made her more wanted and she became the icon of the modern day Indian woman-strong,independant and mysterious.
Beautiful,tall,doe-eyed....she took the audience by storm with her powerful performances and larger than life characters.Perhaps she was the only woman who could look equally beautiful and extremely glamourous in every kind of role-be it a sensuous song sequence wearing chiffon sarees or playing a Charlie Chaplin lookalike,or in a character of a Snakewoman.Her Lahengas,sarees,nailpolish colours,accessories -everything became popular amongst the audience.
Well I wanted to cover the 90s as well but neither could I settle on a particular style,nor could I think about a trendsetter from that era.No doubt there were powerful actresses like Madhuri Dixit who not only by her acting skills but also with her smile captivated the nation,however,I am not sure if it holds the same when it comes to fashion.


  1. I must say that Zeenat looks gorgeous :)

  2. They all look gorgeous, but I think Madhubala is the one who actually looks most tribal.
    Such outfits, made up of a saree or ghagra-choli-dupatta (skirt, blouse and stole) do exist in real life, but the color and richness is pure Bollywood!

  3. I agree too...she looks gorgeous!!


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