Friday, November 16, 2012

Top 12 Makeup Trends from Fall 2012 Runway-Pt 1

The various makeup trends showcased in the Fall Fashion weeks this time are extremely wearable and chic. Here are 6 of the 12 such amazing looks every girl would love to try this winter,to counter the dull season.

1.Dare-devil Dark Pouts
This has been the winner in almost all the fashion weeks so far.A very dark mouth, be it blackish reds or dark plums ruled the runways.

2.Soft Smokey Peepers
The smokey eye look has been the an inspiration to almost all fashionista since the beginning of this millenium.But this time around it has evolved itself to a more soft and sophisticated form, like never before.
 3. Baby Faces
Beautiful soft skin was what this look is all about.A baby-like spotless face that radiates the inner glow and innocence was a much sought after trend.
4.Bright Matte Mouth
Bright matte lips are a lifesaver on tiring days.This trend has been around for as long as the mid 80s.This time around some renowned designers stuck to the look.
5.Rosy Cheeks
Again an innocent and youthful look was a trendsetter with rosy pink cheeks.The soft elegance of this look ruled the ramps this Fall.
6.Futuristic Eyes
Think Star Wars,Star Trek and other Sci-fi flicks that I am not so interested about.But this look was a hit on runways this time.

Tomorrow again I will be back with the remining trendy Fall makeup ideas.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes Lyosha.Most of them are.Although I will never try out with the Futuristic eyes look.

  2. I love both the Baby Face and Smokey Eyes trends this season! The red/plum lipsticks are fab too but I don't think I have the skintone to pull them off sadly! :-)


  3. I echo you on Baby Face and Soft smokey Eyes look.There are lot of dark crimson/burgundy shades suitable for every skin tone.Even I am looking for one for my complexion.Probably I will write on this soon.I would never try out the Futuristic eyes look though.


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