Saturday, November 17, 2012

Top 12 Makeup Trends from Fall 2012 Runway-Pt 2

Hey friends,today we will continue with the remaining part of the Fall Makeup trends.
7.Cat Eyes
Always my personal favourite is this look that reminds me of the Catwoman(I wanted to be her as a kid after seeing Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns).Well how can we forget the glorious 60s with sensational ladies like Audrey Hepburn donning the winged liner look?This time runways focussed on this eternal style statement in a variety of form-be it the Geisha type or the graphic patterned type.
 8.A Dash of Colour
How pretty it looks when our eyes are touched with a pretty colour,just a single hue.This season we saw this trend across the runway with purple mascaras,cobalt eyeliners or green shadows.
9.Brow Power
The thick and well defined brow look has been a flavour of this year.Gone are the days of pencil thin lined brows.So drop the tweezers and get a brow kit/pencil instead.
10.Butterfly Effect
Imagine a butterfly spreading its colourful wings on your eyelids.Not possible?Well this time the makeup artists have made it possible by turning the eyelids to a canvas for amazng metallic shades.
11.Milky Tone
White is used to highlight the eyes and cheeks sometimes.However, makeup artists have broken out of the usual mould and have garnered excellent ideas keeping white in mind.
12.Gold Accents
South Asian countries experiment with a lot of gold makeup specially during festive ocassions or weddings.Use of golden colour is a likely trend this season.Lets think of a glittery Christmas ahead. 
These are some of the makeup trends for the Fall.Let me know which are the ones you are going to try.

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