Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Visit to Covergirl Store

Colorbar is one of the leading cosmetic brands in India.According to Colorbar, the brand reflects the individuality of the Colorbar woman who is independent,intelligent,creative and vibrant.Their products have international formulations and packaging with a premium appeal.It is a brand from the Modicare family.

 I have never used any product from Covergirl before but have heard much about them and their store. While I visited the R-City Mall(Ghatkopar),few weeks ago, I came across one such Flagship store.The decor, quite similar to the MAC & Inglot stores is quite attractive and vibrant. The Lip products covered the 1st 2 left sections of the store,while the 3rd section was for face products.The right 2 sections were for the amazing collection of nailpolishes.

When I entered the store, the SA immediately attended me and was very friendly and helpful throughout my stay at the store. I was looking for a matte lipstick and was introduced to one.(I will be reviewing the product later).The SA introduced me to a couple of products that suited my taste and need, apart from the ones that I had been looking for. She applied and let me test a few of their latest offerings.While learning that I want to blog about the store, she introduced me to the store manager,who was extremely helpful and provided me with so much information.The SA,Dharmishtha and the store manager,Yashashree spoke to me about the products and benefits as well as the company.After I was done with my purchasing and finished gathering the information,I took few pictures of the store.

 I was very satisfied with the purchase. The staff was very friendly and courteous and I would like to visit the store quite often now.
To know more about Covergirl,please visit their website or visit any of their stores:
Mumbai: Infiniti 2 Mall,Malad;  Phoenix Market City,Kurla,Lokhandwala,Andheri; R City Mall, Ghatkopar.
 Delhi: Select Citywalk Mall, Saket; Pacific Mall,Rajouri Garden; DLF Promenade,Vasant Kunj.
 Noida: GIP Mall, Noida.
 Hyderabad : Inorbit Mall
 Pune : Amanora
 Bangalore : Garuda Mall; Phoenix Market City


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rediscover Radiance

Our hectic work life makes us almost impossible to take proper care of our skin. Added to it are the evils of pollution, environmental hazards, and excessive heat   which make our skin dull.  We often sort professional help to get back the lost radiance. Lot of home remedies, kitchen fixes are also being experimented on. Instead of going the hard way, why not follow these 5 easy steps to get back your skin on track and regain its glow?
1.       Get Physical: Don’t have enough time to hit the gym or practice 1000 Suryanamaskaras(celebrities claim to do so)? Just go for a walk. Take brisk steps and try to sweat it up. Try to take the stairs instead of the elevator (of course not for the 20th floor). Can you feel the heart pump? You are on the right track as it means elevation of blood circulation which will ensure a healthy skin.
2.       Snap the Snack: I know how tempting a packet of potato wafers can be!!But we are talking healthy so why not replace your snack with a cup of yogurt or a dainty fruit. Apples, oranges, grapes, berries …you have lots to choose from… eat them, don’t just apply on face. The antioxidant properties present in fruits improve your skin texture. 
3.       Vitamin C to S “c”in: Invest some bucks on at least 1 skin care product which has vitamin C or some antioxidant property. Vitamin C is the ultimate source of radiance so use a serum or moisturizer filled with its goodness.
4.       H2O therapy: Make water an important part of your life. Drink lots of it, splash your face several times a day with it and your skin will not get dehydrated. A well hydrated skin can hide away years from your face.
5.       Sleep Sound: Get a good night’s sleep at least for 6-8 hrs. While you rest, your skin gets naturally repaired by producing more proteins. This can rejuvenate your skin and make it glow. So sleep well, and let your skin work its own way to looking healthy.

Follow these 5 steps, get glowing, get gorgeous.

A Healthy Sip

Originated in China, green tea has become an eminent part of certain cultures, especially across Asia. Over the decades various studies and researches have been conducted about the benefits of green tea. It has been proved by researchers that the consumption of green tea, as a beverage can produce multiple positive results as it consists of a variety of healthy components like vitamins, tocopherols, enzymes and minerals. The known benefits of green tea that has been documented are:
1.      Strengthens the Vital organs, mainly heart
Green tea is said to work on the line of blood vessels, aiding in a smooth circulation of the blood to all the organs, mainly heart. It prevents clotting of blood, thus maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

2.      Helps in the function of the digestive system
The polyphenol found in green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help to maintain a healthy digestive system. Chances of colitis are reduced.
3.      Prevents Cancer
The anti-inflammatory elements in green tea can help prevent certain types of cancer like ovary, prostate and breast.
4.      Helps you fight early aging
The anti-oxidants present in green tea help fight the evils of ageing, like dry and sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles.
5.      Prevents rheumatoid arthritis
The unfermented leaves that green tea is made of are known to prevent rheumatoid arthritis, again because of its rich content of poryphenol.
6.      Aids in achieving a clear complexion
Green tea, being a powerhouse of antioxidants, a glass or 2 of it every day can guarantee a smooth and radiant complexion, devoid of acne and spots.
7.      Prevents fatigue
The consumption of green tea stimulates stamina thus reducing fatigue and regaining energy.
8.      Hydrates
The water content of the body is maintained effectively with the intake of green tea as it fights against dehydration.
9.      Good for urinary functions
It is an immune system enhancer and helps to check urinary tract infection with its inflammatory qualities.
10.  Fights obesity
The most important ingredient of green tea, the catechin is a powerhouse of antioxidant properties. Thus it is an important agent for proper metabolic functions, keeping in check the rate in which the body converts the food into calories.
Apart from this green tea is also known for prevention of Diabetes, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s diseases. Its multifaceted qualities help to maintain a healthy body and mind. So it is advisable to sip our way to a long and beautiful life over a cup of this magic potion every day.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Top 12 Beauty Products I Miss

I love Yves Rocher.I know it is condsidered by many as a 'granny brand'.But it has offered me some of the best skin care products that I have never found before.Actually I miss the whole brand in India.Still,there are certain products that I mostly miss.Its not only about Yves Rocher,but other brands/products as well.Let me sum up.
1.Yves Rocher Inositol Vegetal Radiance Day Cream:
The best day cream I have ever used would have to be this.It did what it promised...gave me a satiny,glowing skin.Its citrus ingredients act  as a peeling and renewing agent on the skin.And within a fortnight the skin starts glowing(at least in my case).The light reflecting particles made the skin so smooth and radiant,I didnt have to use any extra foundation or tinted moisturizer for the day.(barring the ocassional application of Garnier Tint Miracle BB Cream)
2.Garnier PureActive 2-in-1 Tinted Roll On:Now I know, I am being a crybaby for this product.But its true it really could dry out pimples and lighten the marks on my face.I am waiting for the time when it is introduced in India.I am keeping my fingers crossed.
 3.Yves Rocher Cure Solutions 24 Hr Antioxidant Shield Serum:I have spoken about this product a zillion times before.Its components(moringa peptides),skilfully protects the skin from environmental damage and evens out the complexion.The best part is the company offers a kit with the serum and the flash mask.Amazing deal and must-buy.
 4.I Love Cosmetics Body Butters:How delicious these body butters are and considered the price they are just perfect.I loved the Coconut and Vanilla ones.
5.Yves Rocher Inositol Vegetal Recovery Night 1st Wrinkles Moisturizer:The Ceramides & Rice peptides contents of this cream make it perfect for fine lines.It smoothens and moisturies the skin.I sould have reviewed the product when I was using it.
 6.Les Cosmetiques Face Cleansing Water:This is a very underrated brand.It is marketed by Supermarket Carrefour.Manufactured in France,this product wipes out makeup and any traces of dirt from the skin.It is pure watery in texture(which I like)and I did not have to use a face wash after this.

 7.Yves Rocher Cure Solutions Anti-Asphyxiation Mask:It gives a refined texture to the skin.It can be used as a flash mask,just before a big event.See the Cure Solutions Kit review here.
 8.Claire's Nailpolishes:Oh my God!! How much I miss the cute little bottles of candy colours!I really wish I get something like those here(same price & offers).
 9.Park Avenue Lipsticks:They were so cheap and moisturizing.The pink shades were too good.
 10.Hema Cleansing Pads & Cotton Balls:I know its funny,but believe me these stuffs are so expensive in India.Right now I have purchased a whole roll of cotton(generally thats what people do that here,even I used to do that before).However,nothing can work like cleansing pads.I can manage without cotton balls though.
11.Yves Rocher Inositol Vegetal Line Smoothing Eye Cream:Fine lines..check!!Dark circles...check!!Puffiness...check.What more do you want.This odourles product,developed with the goodness of green rice,was quite effective in checking these problems.
12.Looking Good Eyeliner & Lipliners:All it takes is 99 cents for 5 lipliners.I was so happy with this deal I bought the eyeliners as well(same offer).

Thursday, December 13, 2012

5 Hits & Misses from September to November

Its been a while I have written about any beauty product.Recently I have done some purchases and thought it would be ideal for me to write about these products.
1.Garnier Pure Pimple Control Pen:I had been using the Garnier PureActive 2-in-1 Anti Spots Roll On, back in Belgium.I thought it is available in India,and did not bother to stock some tubes before my big shift.(Perhaps I mistook the Eye roll on for it)When I returned to India,my skin became horrible and I started getting zits.As the roll-on has still not hit the stores here,I tried the Pimple Control Pen instead.It comes in a blue tube with 10ml of product and costs Rs.95(€1.34).Price would not have been an issue if it would have worked, at least to a decent level.But it did absolutely nothing,not even dried my zits.Its pathetic gel-like formula is hell sticky and smells horrible.I would never purchase this product and will never recommend it to anyone.Please Garnier,get the PureActive tinted roll on to India.I am sure girls,here, will love it.I do.(I am happy they have launched the BB Cream in India)
2.Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash:When the Garnier Pimple Pen was a disaster,my aunt suggested me to try this facewash.I purchased a 50ml small tube which costed Rs.50(70 cents).It is a lime green coloured gel which smells absolutely refreshing and does not dry the skin.Within 2-3 uses my pimples not only dried out,the spots also started to lighten to some extent.I absolutely love this product and would recommend to anyone with acne-prone skin.I will be using it from now onwards.I can proudly announce it as a replacement of The Body Shop Teatree Facial Wash(yet another staple for me)as it gives the same results but costs a fraction of it.
3.Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:Dandruff is not a great concern for me as is hair fall.However,now and then I can get dry scalp and white flakes on my hair.I tried this shampoo and it was really helpful.Priced at Rs.120(€ 1.69),for a 200ml bottle,this shampoo did its work well.The only disadvantage was it made my hair dry.(so as most of the anti-dandruff shampoos).A definite recommendation.
4.Tresemme'Hair Fall Defense Shampoo & Conditioner:As I have already told,hairfall has been my biggest concern for the past few months.This is a new launch in India and I wanted to give it a try.As it is a newly introduced product I tried the 100ml bottles and each costed Rs.64(90 cents).What Tresemme promises is salon like perfect hair,of course after every wash I found my hair to be extremely moisturized and less frizzy.However,as for defending hairfall,I am not sure how far it has worked.I didnt see any significant change(I did not expect an overnight miracle).However,I will give the shampoo-conditioner set a thumbs up for the way they have made my hair feel.
5.Himalaya Anti Hair Loss Cream:When the Tresemme' range failed to prevent my hairloss,I tried this product.A 100ml tube costs Rs.330(€4.64).After I have started using this product I am slowly noticing a considerable change taking place.It is not a miraculous change but its a gradual positive one and I am having less hairfall.Although I am not sure is it because I am using it with the Tresemme' range.So I have decided until I am fully satisfied I will continue with this hair care regime.
I will share my experience with some other skincare & makeup products in my next post.Keep reading.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Doomsday Ding Dong!!

12/21/2012...... the big day(come on, I watch movies)-end of the world.....Mayan calender...blah..blah?And now with all these theories relating to Doomsday doing the rounds,I wonder what can be done for the rest of the days spared for us to live(am I serious?)

a)Still not walked the aisle?
Congratulations!You are one amongst the privileged few who walk the earth(minors,you are not even part of the discussion).Still, if you think you are not amongst the peacemongers and  in search of an extremely challenging life(read 9 days)then go ahead.Get married.Dont know who to challenge?What are parents for?It will not take more than an hour for them to select a right candidate for the other side of the ring(sorry you are on your own,no referees).

b)Your boss is the reincarnation of Ravana?
Dont worry.(I know you don’t have a tail)Get him drunk and ask him to express his opinion about Indian politics on a Social Networking site. Remember to pronounce the word ‘candid’ while you do so.  Immediate results, guaranteed (doesnt matter if your boss is a lady and its after sunset).

c)Your life is too dull,boring?
Go for a drive at the middle of the night.Be sure to take the road next to the rocky shores.Take an abrupt right turn and plunge into the water(havn't you seen Bear Grylls?).You are about to die when a beautiful lady swims across and takes you out of the sinking car,holds your hand and helps you get ashore.Dont know swimming?No worries...the lady will part duties with you from next shift onwards.And if you succeed to reach for the lands,expect frequent visits from your saviour(I watch Bollywood movies too).

d)You want to be famous?
Get access to all the happening parties around the town,I am sure there are hundreds.How?Dont you know the theory of 3B's*?Make sure to stand with the who's who of the party circuits.Get photographed(Again asking how?Try the 4th B*,silly.)Be assured to be on Page 3 the next got the pass for 20th December?Amen....

4th B:BRIBE(you sure you had to look for the meanings)


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Am I a Freak?

Everytime I take the Pedestrian Overbridges on Powai Road, I find curious onlookers, who choose to cross the road down instead.I wonder and find out that I am the only grownup who has chosen to do so.  Bravehearts they are...I often think of daring to follow their footsteps,avoiding the wrath of thousands of wheels that come roaring from all directions(dont ask me how many lanes there are),and dont stop even at the flash of red,but I fail.Its when my husband is with me(he too is amongst the bravehearts),I close my eyes,hold his hands and cross the road.When I think about it I try to analyze the positivities involved:
a)I take the stairs and its somehow good for the extra kilos I have put on (blame it on the Pao Bhajis & Dabelis).
b)I am setting an example of Road Safety measures to the school going children,who are the only ones I often encounter on the Overbridges(I can bear their sweet nudges & budges).
Well I cant think of anything else!So it puts me at the recieving end of the big question-am I a freak?Hmmm,I choose to be one. 
Image Courtesy:Mumbai Mirror

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