Thursday, December 13, 2012

5 Hits & Misses from September to November

Its been a while I have written about any beauty product.Recently I have done some purchases and thought it would be ideal for me to write about these products.
1.Garnier Pure Pimple Control Pen:I had been using the Garnier PureActive 2-in-1 Anti Spots Roll On, back in Belgium.I thought it is available in India,and did not bother to stock some tubes before my big shift.(Perhaps I mistook the Eye roll on for it)When I returned to India,my skin became horrible and I started getting zits.As the roll-on has still not hit the stores here,I tried the Pimple Control Pen instead.It comes in a blue tube with 10ml of product and costs Rs.95(€1.34).Price would not have been an issue if it would have worked, at least to a decent level.But it did absolutely nothing,not even dried my zits.Its pathetic gel-like formula is hell sticky and smells horrible.I would never purchase this product and will never recommend it to anyone.Please Garnier,get the PureActive tinted roll on to India.I am sure girls,here, will love it.I do.(I am happy they have launched the BB Cream in India)
2.Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash:When the Garnier Pimple Pen was a disaster,my aunt suggested me to try this facewash.I purchased a 50ml small tube which costed Rs.50(70 cents).It is a lime green coloured gel which smells absolutely refreshing and does not dry the skin.Within 2-3 uses my pimples not only dried out,the spots also started to lighten to some extent.I absolutely love this product and would recommend to anyone with acne-prone skin.I will be using it from now onwards.I can proudly announce it as a replacement of The Body Shop Teatree Facial Wash(yet another staple for me)as it gives the same results but costs a fraction of it.
3.Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:Dandruff is not a great concern for me as is hair fall.However,now and then I can get dry scalp and white flakes on my hair.I tried this shampoo and it was really helpful.Priced at Rs.120(€ 1.69),for a 200ml bottle,this shampoo did its work well.The only disadvantage was it made my hair dry.(so as most of the anti-dandruff shampoos).A definite recommendation.
4.Tresemme'Hair Fall Defense Shampoo & Conditioner:As I have already told,hairfall has been my biggest concern for the past few months.This is a new launch in India and I wanted to give it a try.As it is a newly introduced product I tried the 100ml bottles and each costed Rs.64(90 cents).What Tresemme promises is salon like perfect hair,of course after every wash I found my hair to be extremely moisturized and less frizzy.However,as for defending hairfall,I am not sure how far it has worked.I didnt see any significant change(I did not expect an overnight miracle).However,I will give the shampoo-conditioner set a thumbs up for the way they have made my hair feel.
5.Himalaya Anti Hair Loss Cream:When the Tresemme' range failed to prevent my hairloss,I tried this product.A 100ml tube costs Rs.330(€4.64).After I have started using this product I am slowly noticing a considerable change taking place.It is not a miraculous change but its a gradual positive one and I am having less hairfall.Although I am not sure is it because I am using it with the Tresemme' range.So I have decided until I am fully satisfied I will continue with this hair care regime.
I will share my experience with some other skincare & makeup products in my next post.Keep reading.

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