Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Healthy Sip

Originated in China, green tea has become an eminent part of certain cultures, especially across Asia. Over the decades various studies and researches have been conducted about the benefits of green tea. It has been proved by researchers that the consumption of green tea, as a beverage can produce multiple positive results as it consists of a variety of healthy components like vitamins, tocopherols, enzymes and minerals. The known benefits of green tea that has been documented are:
1.      Strengthens the Vital organs, mainly heart
Green tea is said to work on the line of blood vessels, aiding in a smooth circulation of the blood to all the organs, mainly heart. It prevents clotting of blood, thus maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

2.      Helps in the function of the digestive system
The polyphenol found in green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help to maintain a healthy digestive system. Chances of colitis are reduced.
3.      Prevents Cancer
The anti-inflammatory elements in green tea can help prevent certain types of cancer like ovary, prostate and breast.
4.      Helps you fight early aging
The anti-oxidants present in green tea help fight the evils of ageing, like dry and sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles.
5.      Prevents rheumatoid arthritis
The unfermented leaves that green tea is made of are known to prevent rheumatoid arthritis, again because of its rich content of poryphenol.
6.      Aids in achieving a clear complexion
Green tea, being a powerhouse of antioxidants, a glass or 2 of it every day can guarantee a smooth and radiant complexion, devoid of acne and spots.
7.      Prevents fatigue
The consumption of green tea stimulates stamina thus reducing fatigue and regaining energy.
8.      Hydrates
The water content of the body is maintained effectively with the intake of green tea as it fights against dehydration.
9.      Good for urinary functions
It is an immune system enhancer and helps to check urinary tract infection with its inflammatory qualities.
10.  Fights obesity
The most important ingredient of green tea, the catechin is a powerhouse of antioxidant properties. Thus it is an important agent for proper metabolic functions, keeping in check the rate in which the body converts the food into calories.
Apart from this green tea is also known for prevention of Diabetes, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s diseases. Its multifaceted qualities help to maintain a healthy body and mind. So it is advisable to sip our way to a long and beautiful life over a cup of this magic potion every day.

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