Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Am I a Freak?

Everytime I take the Pedestrian Overbridges on Powai Road, I find curious onlookers, who choose to cross the road down instead.I wonder and find out that I am the only grownup who has chosen to do so.  Bravehearts they are...I often think of daring to follow their footsteps,avoiding the wrath of thousands of wheels that come roaring from all directions(dont ask me how many lanes there are),and dont stop even at the flash of red,but I fail.Its when my husband is with me(he too is amongst the bravehearts),I close my eyes,hold his hands and cross the road.When I think about it I try to analyze the positivities involved:
a)I take the stairs and its somehow good for the extra kilos I have put on (blame it on the Pao Bhajis & Dabelis).
b)I am setting an example of Road Safety measures to the school going children,who are the only ones I often encounter on the Overbridges(I can bear their sweet nudges & budges).
Well I cant think of anything else!So it puts me at the recieving end of the big question-am I a freak?Hmmm,I choose to be one. 
Image Courtesy:Mumbai Mirror

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