Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Doomsday Ding Dong!!

12/21/2012...... the big day(come on, I watch movies)-end of the world.....Mayan calender...blah..blah?And now with all these theories relating to Doomsday doing the rounds,I wonder what can be done for the rest of the days spared for us to live(am I serious?)

a)Still not walked the aisle?
Congratulations!You are one amongst the privileged few who walk the earth(minors,you are not even part of the discussion).Still, if you think you are not amongst the peacemongers and  in search of an extremely challenging life(read 9 days)then go ahead.Get married.Dont know who to challenge?What are parents for?It will not take more than an hour for them to select a right candidate for the other side of the ring(sorry you are on your own,no referees).

b)Your boss is the reincarnation of Ravana?
Dont worry.(I know you don’t have a tail)Get him drunk and ask him to express his opinion about Indian politics on a Social Networking site. Remember to pronounce the word ‘candid’ while you do so.  Immediate results, guaranteed (doesnt matter if your boss is a lady and its after sunset).

c)Your life is too dull,boring?
Go for a drive at the middle of the night.Be sure to take the road next to the rocky shores.Take an abrupt right turn and plunge into the water(havn't you seen Bear Grylls?).You are about to die when a beautiful lady swims across and takes you out of the sinking car,holds your hand and helps you get ashore.Dont know swimming?No worries...the lady will part duties with you from next shift onwards.And if you succeed to reach for the lands,expect frequent visits from your saviour(I watch Bollywood movies too).

d)You want to be famous?
Get access to all the happening parties around the town,I am sure there are hundreds.How?Dont you know the theory of 3B's*?Make sure to stand with the who's who of the party circuits.Get photographed(Again asking how?Try the 4th B*,silly.)Be assured to be on Page 3 the next got the pass for 20th December?Amen....

4th B:BRIBE(you sure you had to look for the meanings)



  1. NOTHING is going to happen.. Its a request to media to STOP PANIC across the city, so that everyone can lead a NORMAL life the way they feel like

  2. Dear New Year,

    I welcome you as much you welcome yourself. If you would have (actually) read the article, you would have understood that my intention, by no means is to SCARE or SPREAD PANIC across the city and its people. It is just a satire, which means I am equally hopeful to live through the coming hours,days,months & years ahead, as you are and encourage everyone else to do so.

    Thanks & Regards,



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