Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fight Early Aging with 7 Steps

We want to look good.It is cool to age gracefully but not before time.There are several ways to look young for a long time.We have to know that to look young, using expensive beauty products are not enough but we have to keep healthy from within.Here are 7 easy steps to combat early aging.

1.Healthy Diet
Eating a nutritious diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables like strawberries, blueberries, green leafy vegetables can help you combat premature aging problems.
Hydration from within is very important.Drinking water will help flush out toxins and keep the system working properly.Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is really important.

3.Sleep Well
Sleeping for a minimum six to eight hours a day plays a vital role in keeping you de-stressed and also keeps you away from wrinkles and aging skin.

4.Sun Protection
Protect the skin from excessive exposure to sun.Using a good SPF product is the key to keep wrinkles at bay.Long hours of sun exposure can cause wrinkles and dark patches.
Moisturizing the skin every night before sleeping is important for the overall look of your skin. Choosing the right products for your skin can show best results for soft, clear skin.

A healthy body results in healthy glowing skin. Following a strict workout regime in any form can facilitate the cell renewal process and repair of your skin.

7.Skipping Alcohol,Smoke & Soda
Smoking and drinking in an uncontrolled fashion can make your skin dry, patchy and full of wrinkles due to reduced supply of oxygen and essential nutrients. 


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