Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Hey my lovely followers.I apologise for being so late in greeting.However, I had been down with fever for some days and also couldnot really blog due to professional commitments.What started with a passion in Belgium has transformed into a profession here in India for me.Yes my lovelies,I started writing about beauty,fashion and cooking on my blog as a hobby and now I write for websites.Here are some of the articles that I have written for one of the popular Indian website :

10 Accessories to Include in the Wardrobe
10 Must Haves for Your Beauty List

I am extremely sorry to all my followers here,as I am not able to give more time to my blog nowadays.But as a New Year Resolution I have decided to give some quality time to it from now onwards. And please keep reading for some interesting staffs.I will cover the coming Golden Globes Fashion/Beauty.

Have a wonderful year ahead.


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