Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cat Eye Makeup Tips

The Mother of beauty rituals Cleopatra is always remembered flaunting those seductive cat eyes. And so had done almost every beautiful women in celluloid, be it the charming Audrey Hepburn or the evergreen Elizabeth Taylor. A classic cat eye look is still cherished and universally appreciated by women around the world. Taylor Swift’s iconic eye makeup looks are always grace by cat eyed linings.

Here are few makeup tips to create the cat eye look:
1.       Select Products: Remember the most important product to create this look is a good eye liner. The ideal liner should be pigmented and should be able to create intense looks. It is best to go for liquid or gel liners as nothing can give more depth in colour. Keep yourself ready with some cue tips and tissues if you are not an expert. Try to keep handy an eye makeup remover for quick sweeps in times of reapplication and correction.
2.       Consider Eye Shape: It is very important to determine your eye shape before creating the look as you should make a look that highlights the best aspects of your eyes covering up the flaws. It is best to choose darker shades of liners and shadows for wide set eyes to make them look closely set, while for closed set eyes it is best to outline the outer corners only. Women with small eyes should line their water line with a white liner to make the eyes appear bigger.

3.       How to Apply: Applying eyeliner properly needs some expertise and practice. If you are new to the art, start by drawing closed set dots across your upper lash line. Then adjoin the lines with thin precision till the outer corner and extend it in a winged angle. Draw another line a little inside from the edge of the outer corner in an angle and join the other line. Now fill in the gap with the liner. If you are going for an intense look draw another thin line across the lower lash line and extend it outwards in an angle to adjoin the upper winged line. Fill in the gaps with the liner. Finish with a few coats of mascara.


  1. Wow, great! When I was young I have worn daily such cat eyes - but time goes by and I haven´t it done since decades ...

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


  2. Thank you for the tip dear
    great post
    love Vikee


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