Saturday, May 18, 2013

On My Nails

Last week I tried the water marble nail art unsuccessfully after going through many YouTube tutorials. However, I forgot to take care of certain things which I will mention at the end of the post. This time I tried it came out better and I am sure I can create better looks next time. Practice makes a (wo)man perfect.
Here are a few basic things you require:
1.A Base and Top Coat Polish
2.A cello tape
3.A white polish 
4.A glass of water
5.Few toothpicks
6.Cue tips
My Art:
I am a beginner so obviously made mistakes and it did not come perfectly. There were spaces that got stained with only one colour. For that I had put dots.I used a crackling polish on my thumb & pinky.
Things to remember:
1.Water should be of room temperature
2.Nails paints should be new and of good quality. If old it should be thinned with a thinner.
3.It can turn really messy
4.It should be done in room temperature

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