Wednesday, June 26, 2013

LOTD with Lakme Lip Love Conditioner

I am very fond of wearing lip conditioners and MAC Tendertones had been my favourite for a long time, till I found Lakme Lip Love Conditioner. Today I thought of using up 2 of the shades out of the 4 I have purchased recently and I tried Charmer on my lower lip and Hottie on the upper one. I wanted to keep my look simple and avoided any kind of makeup on my eyes, even my patent Lotus Kajal.
The only face makeup I had used was the Maybelline Clearglow BB Cream in Radiance blended with the L'Oreal UV Perfect 12H Longlasting UV Protector SPF50 . BTW its monsoon and most of the time my hair is messed up and I cannot do anything about it.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Soft & Smooth Lip Color in Ravishing Rose Review, Swatches & Application

Its been a long time that I had purchased any Revlon product. I don't know why but recently I have been trying more products from other brands although I have always loved Revlon staffs, specially their lipsticks. So this time I wanted to try an intense shade from the brand, which is very unlike me. I always love my lip colours to be pink and light coral. But now I want to try more deep tone too. So here I got myself a lovely shade- Revlon Colorstay Soft & Smooth in Ravishing Rose (#285).

Price: Rs.600

Description: It is a beautiful pinkish berry tone almost like a dark rose colour. It comes in a long package and you can actually see the shade from outside for its transparent case. The body of the holder is black.

My Take: I was absolutely amazed by the product. The SA said it is a long staying matte colour but at first application it gave a somewhat shiny moisturized look, which faded within few seconds and created a soft cover on my lips. Generally my lips are quite dry and matte lipsticks often make the situation worse. But this one stayed for hours and did not get dry at all. It gave a velvety touch to my lips and it felt luxurious the whole time I was wearing it. The shade looked amazing and well be used as a statement colour. I did not have to put any eye makeup other than my usual kajal.

1.Very velvety texture
2.Amazing shade
3.Can suit fair,medium and wheatish skin tone
4.Statement colour
5.Long staying power
6.Good packaging


This is after I had snacks and tea and after almost 3 hours of application(Please excuse my messy hair)

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Mini Haul!!

Here is a mini haul that I did yesterday. I wanted to try the Pond's White Beauty BB Cream so I purchased that. I was in desperate need for a new Nail polish remover and so I purchased the Etude Perfume Polish Cleansing Liquid. Vivel's new range of skin care products has attracted my eyes and I settle for the Vivel Perfect Glow Multi-Layer Skin Tone Perfector. Then there was my patent Lotus Herbals Natural Kajal which is the only eye makeup I wear on a daily basis. The Galleria in Hiranandani has some pretty good fashion jewelleries and this pair of earrings was just for Rs.50.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Current Hair Care

My hair is extremely thin, frizzy and dry. I had smoothened and straightened my hair many times in the past. The last time I went for rebonding, I suffered from excessive hair fall. Although I have recovered from that now, my hair has become very curly and unmanageable. I like straight hair so I wanted to try something that if not straight at least can give a little smoother manes. I chose the Sunsilk Co-Creations Yuko Perfect Straight Shampoo. I know very well that no shampoo can straighten your hair, so in spite of the brand's claim to give perfect straight hair I had little expectation. I just wanted smoother hair. Likewise it could hardly straighten my strands. However my hair was softened. But equal or better softening results can be achieved by my favourite Dr. Batra Henna Shampoo. The Sunsilk shampoo was a disappointment.
Generally I buy a conditioner of the same range whenever I buy a shampoo. But the Perfect Straight conditioner was not available from where I bought the shampoo. So I settled for the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner for Straighter and Smoother Hair. This conditioner is really good. It did not of course turn my hair straight but definitely my tiny-miny curls started behaving well. I am surely going to try the shampoo from this range in future.

The best product in my current hair care has to be the Habib's Hair Serum for Dry, Curly & Treated Hair. I absolutely adore this serum and its smell. The consistency is a bit thicker almost like a gel. However once applied to the hair it makes it shinier and very smooth. This is the product that really gives a better straightening and smoothing results without much hype and claim.

My Current Skin Care Routine

As I had already posted yesterday about the current moisturizers I am using I thought to extend the whole information by adding the other skin care products I use on a regular basis.

My skin is combination-oily and I suffer from occasional breakouts. The major concerns that I face has to be the noticeable enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. Since for the past 1 month I am on a vacation and spending my time in my native, instead of the usual skin care staffs I am using some out of the box products.

Morning Care: I have been cleansing my skin with a medicated cleanser- Pharmagel Hydra-Clean Extra Gentle Cleanser. This is specially designed for sensitive skin. Therefore I cannot say it perfectly suits my skin type as I need something more purifying and tightening. This cleanser does not foam or lather. I hardly can make out if at all it has cleansed the impurities. However, as I have not broken out for a single time since a month, I can make out now that it is really working.
 Another product I am loving at this moment is my toner which is the Patricia Milton Gold Line Tonic Lotion. I had used an exfoliator and mask from this Italian brand before and had found it extremely worthy. This toner softens my skin considerably and surprisingly the enlarged pores have visibly reduced.
The day moisturizer I am using is Lancôme Bienfait High Potency Moisturiser with Micro-Nutrients SPF15.

Evening Care: Generally I use the MAC Cleanse Off Oil to remove my makeup. However, for the past 1 month I have been using the Patricia Milton Detergent Milk. This is an amazing product and removes every trace of makeup from my face (not eye makeup).What is most noticeable is it does not leave behind any greasy residue and the face feels quite fresh and clean. I repeat the toner and end with the Lancôme Bienfait High Potency Night Moisturizer with Micro-Nutrients.

Lip Care: Morning and evening I use the H&M Melon Lip Balm. It is softening and smells delicious.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Day & Night Creams Brief Review

Currently I am using the 2 creams from Lancôme. The Multi-Vital Range from Lancôme targets at women who wants a total repair of dull and undernourished skin. The potent combination of Omega 3 & 6 with Antioxidant Vitamins E + Cg helps to strengthen skin's ability to defend itself against external aggressors.

What I am using from the range are the High Potency Moisturiser with Micro-Nutrients SPF15 and High Potency Night Moisturiser with Micro Nutrients. I am in absolute love with the products as they have turned my skin baby soft and just spotless. Some of the acne scars that I used to have seem to have faded considerably. The rich cream formula requires a very less amount of the product. The smell is quite soothing and nice. The triple action formula has made my skin look more healthy and fresh.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yves Rocher Haul

Since I was introduced to Yves Rocher no other skin care brand has attracted me more than their Cure Solutions and Inositol Vegetal Range. However, once I shifted from Belgium, I could not find any store or online shopping of Yves Rocher in India. There is a blog which does not list the prices of the product. My co-sister from UK knows about my addiction to Yves Rocher. When she visited this time she got me some of my favourite staffs from their brand. Such a doll she is.

                                 Inositol Vegetal Total Radiance Treatment
I have mentioned this product n number of times and had been using it everyday in Europe. The best brightening moisturizer I have ever used has to be this. I will be reviewing this product.

                              3 Minutes Spanish Pomegranate Healthy Glow Mask
I have used 2 masks from Yves Rocher the Cure Solutions Anti-Aggressions Mask and the 3 Minutes Lemon Zest Fresh Mask. Both of them were incredible and miraculously suited both me and my co-sister. Incidentally we have very different skin types- I have oily to combination skin and she has very dry skin. I wanted to use this mask this time as it is rich in antioxidants.

                                         2in1 Beautifying Hand & Nail Cream
I have used this product before. Although I am a big fan of The Body Shop Vitamin E Hand & Nail Cream, this product did not fail to impress me and softened my hands. Keeping in mind Yves Rocher's incredible discounts, I will always choose this staff over TBS hand cream.

                                            Pure Calmille 2in1 Cleanser +Toner
I had used the Micellar Cleansing Water but this time this product had a mindblowing offer of Buy1 Get 1 Free and I could not resist myself from trying out. Obviously I will be reviewing it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Brocato Curlinterrupted Smoothing & Hydrating Shampoo + Treatment Review

2 of the most awaited products along with my May Velvette Box was the Brocato Curlinterrupted Smoothing & Hydrating Shampoo+ Conditioner. As a girl with dry and frizzy hair, I was quite excited to use this duo.

Packaging: 61.5 ml Shampoo in a white medicine like bottle. with a nice flip cover. The treatment comes in a 48.8ml tube with a flip cover.

Price: Both Rs 375( € 4.85).I received it along with a full sized lipstick worth Rs 700(€9.05) + a balm worth Rs 695(€8.98) all only for 399(€5.16)

Product Description: Made in U.S.A. this product is a part of an 100% organic hair treatment range, that contains a considerable amount of active keratin that softens and smoothens any kind of coarse or fizzy or curly hair.

Shampoo: Apply to wet hair. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Treatment: After cleansing with shampoo,apply treatment to wet hair and work through from scalp to ends. For more intense conditioning, cover with a plastic cap and leave in hair for 20 minutes. Rinse well.

My Opinion: I liked the white creamy texture of the shampoo. True it does not lather so fast but it surely cleanses well. The smell is light and soft. I have very thin and fizzy hair. I needed to repeat it twice as instructed on the leaflet. After the wash my hair really felt soft. And as I get a lot of hairfall whenever I use any new product I was a bit scared initially, however, it did not aggravate the condition. I liked the way my hair felt after using it.

On the other hand I was quite disappointed with the treatment. First because of the quality of the tube which was so fragile that when I tried to squeeze out the product from the cap, it cracked from behind and instead of coming out of the flip cap, the product came out of the crack. The consistency of the product is very thick, almost like a toothpaste. The smell is same as the shampoo. Instead of leaving it for 20 minutes, I left it on my hair for 5 minutes. I did not find any noticeable change after that. It felt the same as it felt after shampooing. I may have to try the 20 minutes treatment.

1. Shampoo is quite effective
2. Hydrates hair well
3. Softens hair considerably
4. Smell is light and not overpowering

1. Does not lather
2. Does not make the hair smooth
3. Treatment was not effective
4. Treatment packaging was not up to the mark
5. Consistency was pretty thick

My Verdict:
Shampoo: Hit
Conditioner: Average

Saturday, June 1, 2013

MAC Viva Glam Lipstick in Lustre Review & Swatches

I was not in touch with MAC while staying in Leuven as there were no MAC stores in the whole city. Once I returned, I found out my favourite MAC shade Lustre from its Viva Glam collection. I love the shade and how it complements my complexion.While it looks pretty pinkish brown in the case, once applied it looks like a coral brown on my lips.It is glossy in texture and stays for a long time. The best thing is you can adjust the colour according to your wish. It has some light reflecting elements that looks superb both as a day wear and as a night wear.

Indi wallet