Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Current Hair Care

My hair is extremely thin, frizzy and dry. I had smoothened and straightened my hair many times in the past. The last time I went for rebonding, I suffered from excessive hair fall. Although I have recovered from that now, my hair has become very curly and unmanageable. I like straight hair so I wanted to try something that if not straight at least can give a little smoother manes. I chose the Sunsilk Co-Creations Yuko Perfect Straight Shampoo. I know very well that no shampoo can straighten your hair, so in spite of the brand's claim to give perfect straight hair I had little expectation. I just wanted smoother hair. Likewise it could hardly straighten my strands. However my hair was softened. But equal or better softening results can be achieved by my favourite Dr. Batra Henna Shampoo. The Sunsilk shampoo was a disappointment.
Generally I buy a conditioner of the same range whenever I buy a shampoo. But the Perfect Straight conditioner was not available from where I bought the shampoo. So I settled for the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner for Straighter and Smoother Hair. This conditioner is really good. It did not of course turn my hair straight but definitely my tiny-miny curls started behaving well. I am surely going to try the shampoo from this range in future.

The best product in my current hair care has to be the Habib's Hair Serum for Dry, Curly & Treated Hair. I absolutely adore this serum and its smell. The consistency is a bit thicker almost like a gel. However once applied to the hair it makes it shinier and very smooth. This is the product that really gives a better straightening and smoothing results without much hype and claim.

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