Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Current Skin Care Routine

As I had already posted yesterday about the current moisturizers I am using I thought to extend the whole information by adding the other skin care products I use on a regular basis.

My skin is combination-oily and I suffer from occasional breakouts. The major concerns that I face has to be the noticeable enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. Since for the past 1 month I am on a vacation and spending my time in my native, instead of the usual skin care staffs I am using some out of the box products.

Morning Care: I have been cleansing my skin with a medicated cleanser- Pharmagel Hydra-Clean Extra Gentle Cleanser. This is specially designed for sensitive skin. Therefore I cannot say it perfectly suits my skin type as I need something more purifying and tightening. This cleanser does not foam or lather. I hardly can make out if at all it has cleansed the impurities. However, as I have not broken out for a single time since a month, I can make out now that it is really working.
 Another product I am loving at this moment is my toner which is the Patricia Milton Gold Line Tonic Lotion. I had used an exfoliator and mask from this Italian brand before and had found it extremely worthy. This toner softens my skin considerably and surprisingly the enlarged pores have visibly reduced.
The day moisturizer I am using is Lancôme Bienfait High Potency Moisturiser with Micro-Nutrients SPF15.

Evening Care: Generally I use the MAC Cleanse Off Oil to remove my makeup. However, for the past 1 month I have been using the Patricia Milton Detergent Milk. This is an amazing product and removes every trace of makeup from my face (not eye makeup).What is most noticeable is it does not leave behind any greasy residue and the face feels quite fresh and clean. I repeat the toner and end with the Lancôme Bienfait High Potency Night Moisturizer with Micro-Nutrients.

Lip Care: Morning and evening I use the H&M Melon Lip Balm. It is softening and smells delicious.

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