Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beauty Oils for Skin

I have been reading a lot about the goodness of various beauty oils for skin. These oils are mostly extracted with their original properties being kept intact and not being laden with too much of harsh chemicals and other things. Moroccan oil, coconut oil and lot of other types of oils are used nowadays for smooth and radiant skin. I have started imparting few oils in my skin care routine. I am in search of the very famous Kumkumadi oil but right now just quite satisfied with the oils I am using.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil: This has been my go to product for a very long time and I tried quite a few staffs in between but was never satisfied till I returned to this. A very good cleansing agent that gets rid of any kind of makeup. I require to use a very small amount and only use it when I am wearing a lot of foundations. Most of the times I wear BB Creams and those are quite removable by the Micellar Water or mild makeup removing agents. 

Nyassa Cold Pressed Avocado Oil: This is a cold pressed oil with the essential elements of avocado and is meant for dry and dehydrated skin. I wanted to buy the Jojoba Oil from Nyassa which was quite suited for my skin but somehow ended up buying this one that had costed me 800 bucks. As it is very moisturizing for my skin, I use just 2 drops for my entire face. This also has a healing effect on sun damaged skin. I have been using this product every alternate nights and have noticed that it makes my skin quite smooth and soft. I try to concentrate it around the corners of my mouth and on the centre of my eye brows. There's a disturbing fine line which seems to be smoothened a bit. Although my Yves Rocher had yielded much faster and visible results. What impresses me most is the glow my skin radiates the next morning. It looks smooth and feels silky.

Aura Veda Skin Lightening Oil: This oil infused with saffron, winter cherry and turmeric promises to fade out spots and pigmentation from the skin. I mix a drop this staff with the Nyassa oil and apply on alternate nights. I can not say I am highly impressed with it, however, I cannot deny that it works, although quite slow. I have been using it on my arms along with my staple Johnson & Johnson Baby Massage Oil for almost 5 months and have noticed visible improvement. The pigmentation on my upper arms have faded considerably. So I decided to try it on my face as I have some pigmentation and unevenness. I am still waiting for the results. However, the price is quite reasonable at Rs.250 for 100ml.

Passion Indulge Clariance Oil: This is an oil meant to balance oily and combination skin types. I take a few drops of this oil and mix with the Nyassa and Aura Veda oils and apply it every alternate nights. I do this so that the other 2 oils which are quite too greasy for my combination skin are balanced, thus preventing breakouts. It works for me. I have never broken out in spite of using so many oily staffs on my face. This oil has peppermint and grapeseed that works as an antioxidant.


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