Friday, July 12, 2013

My 5 Favourite Looks from Bollywwod Movies in Recent Times

Bollywwod or the Bombay Film Industry produces thousands of movies every year out of which some fade away with time and some set landmarks for themselves. Apart from gripping storylines, amazing performances, beautiful locales and chartbusting songs, the gorgeous outfits and makeup of the female actors is something to look out for. Here are some of the best looks that were seen in recent movies. I may miss out some better looks as I don't watch that much movies.
5.Katrina Kaif in Jab Tak Hai Jaan
This romantic story had the angelic Katrina Kaif in an equally romantic avatar who is swayed by the Prince Charming and gets the feeling of first love. The innocence of the character was presented so magically by the simple makeup where a young woman discovers her first love and enjoys every bit of it. The makeup was simple and fresh and just perfect for the character.
4. Deepika Padukone in Race 2
The drop dead gorgeous look of the character played by Deepika in this action-thriller was presented aptly with the glamorous makeup. The daredevil woman who can burn the dance floor as swiftly as she can kill at the drop of a hat was portrayed with bronzed toned features and rouge pouts and nails. The sensuous moves were complemented by the use of striking colours.
3.Chitrangada Sing in Inkaar
The main character of the movie is an over ambitious corporate lady who can go to any heights to reach her career goals. Her makeup was just appropriate for the sexy, confident and independent woman who can do the talking equally with the mouth and her smouldering eyes.
2.Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
Be it the nerdy scholar in the first half or the sari and lehenga clad Diva in the second half each and every scene of the movie made Deepika look perfect. The makeup of the first half suited the character of a young nerd who is bound by restrictions and learns to enjoy the first steps of freedom. The glass wearing pretty and innocent face almost sans makeup was so cool, as was the Glam Goddess look of the second half where she portrays an independent and established woman.
1. Kareena Kapoor Khan in Talaash
Her stupendous performance in this horror mystery flick was as marvellous as her makeup. Her electrifying presence in the life of a cop and her mysterious appearances were as captivating as was her makeup. She looked beautiful in every frame and from every angle. I don't even want to judge if the makeup was suitable for her character of a prostitute, it just looked smashing on her.


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  2. I agree with you Deeepika is just awesome.


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